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I am receive prank or harassing phone calls at all hours of the day and night from a "Blocked" number.  How do I set my iphone to not accept any calls from unidentified or Blocked numbers?

iPhone 3G, Windows XP, On AT&T network
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)

    Not from the iPhone, so check with your carrier.


    You can have your iPhone's number "blocked" from appearing via the recipient's caller ID without calling to harrass anyone.


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    You can't. Call blocking must be done at the carrier level, some carriers offer this service, some don't, so contact your carrier to see if this service is available. You could try entering a contact called "Blocked" and then assigning a silent ring tone to that contact. At least then your phone won't ring.

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    That's one of the reasons I'm not using iPhone 4 anymore, sad to say but true. Blocking calls doesn't need to be done on the carrier's side. Every other phone can block calls or buying an app just for that. On my phone right now (no need to mention it by name), there's an app that can block calls, by numbers, unknown, private and by manual input, blacklist and/or whitelist, from contacts, from call history and more. The calls comes through and you tell the phone what to do with it seeting it up for the first time, reject, ignore, go to voicemail and pickup and hang up, all this by location and times specified on the profile you create with the app, you'll never hear a ring but a notification that a call has been blocked if you want. Also will keep a log of blocked calls.

    The ones that say that it needs to be done at the carrier level, IS NOT TRUE, well, let me specify, for the iPhone that's the case, not the rest of mobile phones on the market, shame.

    Developers can't create an app for this because Apple will not release the API for their phone app, whihc is understable, again, let me specify, they have done it, but not allow on the App Store, shame.

    There are many options out there other than letting AT&T just block 5 calls without any type of control, but that is not to be discuss here.

    I still have my Iphone 4 as a second line but using a more controllable device, wish Apple will allow something like this on the App Store, will be my perfect mobile phone, cheers!

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    Other phones including the option can't be disputed, but claiming EVERY other phone on the market includes this option is false.

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    Allan, I'll take that back, my mistake, not every other phone, every other smartphone that is, either included as a feature or an app is available for that.

    This is not an Apple bashing situation for the lack of this feature or app, not at all, but in my case is an extremly convenient feature when a business communication depends on a mobile phone.

    Then again, I'm patienlty waiting for the iPhone 5, maybe something similar will be implemeted on it .

    Thanks for your post Allan.

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)

    I venture to say EVERY other smart phone currently on the market doesn't include the option either.

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    AT&T has a feature to add to land lines to stop blocked/annonymous calls so they are rejected and the land line phone never rings.  They say they cannot do this on cell phones and suggest there are Apps at the iTunes store that will allow me to block incoming "blocked" numbers. They said they heard TrapCall works but obviously cannot recommend or support it.

    AT&T also would not deny that Verizon has this feature and it is possible to switch the carrier to Verizon and simply set the iphone to not accept blocked number calls.

    I am going to give TrapCall a try and will let you know if it works for me.

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    I'll deny it for you - you can't change the carrier for your iPhone from AT&T to Verizon. You can forward your AT&T number to a Verizon number, but you can't change the carrier for your iPhone from AT&T to Verizon.

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    Problem solved guys and thanks for all your help.  I installed TrapCall on my iPhone.  Within 30 seconds of getting another Blocked call it sent me back the number that was calling.  I then went to Intelius.com, entered the number and for $5 confirmed the stalkers name, number, address, and everything I neded to confront them and end the harrassment.  I would HIGHLY recommend TrapCall.

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    Hi there Carlos 1239! Maybe this is a shot in the dark here, but I'm looking for someone who has TrapCall to share the app file with me, since it's no longer in the app store. There's a place on everyone's computer where app files live when you sync your phone to a computer, and if you still use TrapCall then you have this file.

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    Thanks Carlos1239 for recommending us! Unfortunately, thehello, we do not have the capability of sharing the old iPhone app with our users. Even if we were able to, the app is no longer supported and results would be unexpected. However, a few months ago, we came out with an alternative solution:

    -Open up your Internet browswer (Safari, Chrome, Opera)

    -Navigate to TrapCall.com; you'll be automtically re-directed to our mobile site


    -Save the website to your desktop


    Now, you can access TrapCall just as you did with our app!

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    The feature you are referring to is called Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR).  It's a feature which is carrier specific.
    To enable this feature you must dial a Star Code.


    In the U.S.  this is the Star Code for ACR
    *77  Enable ACR

    *87  Disable ACR


    If you are outside the US then contact your carrier and find out what the Star Code is they have chosen and if they support this feature.