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I can't find out how to transfer an audiobook I borrowed from the library (it's on my PC and plays on it) to my iPod Touch2 4th generation. I have the device linked via the PC's USB port via the cable connector, and iTunes shows the device on the software page, but when I try to transfer the book I get a message from the Overdrive Media console software (which is the necessary software to download from the library)  advising me that  a setting on the iTunes must be changed to allow the tranfer between my PC to the iPod. Something about choosing "manually", but I cannot find anything on the iTunes page that allows me to do this. I can't see it in help or tutorials, or anywhere. Can you provide an answer to this dilemma for me please. Thank You, in advance, Pat C 

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3, May B easy 2 use,hard 2 learn how2
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    Pat, to find it see Paragraph 3, in the summary below.


    Many libraries worldwide now use Overdrive Media Console, which comes in Mac an Windows versions http://www.overdrive.com/Software/omc .  Some find the mobile device transfer process confusing.  To load or delete a WMA or MP3 (Macs can only download MP3 books) audiobook onto an Apple mobile device see the "How to Transfer to a Portable Device" video in the guides at Step 7, then do the following.


    1. For Windows versions, you must first do a security update of Windows Media Player (even though you won't be using it) using Internet Explorer at http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/indivsite .


    2.  Open iTunes, plug the mobile device into the computer USB port and open the Overdrive Media Console.


    3. Highlight the mobile device in the left hand menu of iTunes and insure the "Manually manage music and videos" box is checked in the Summary Tab. If the mobile device storage is full, transfering will delete that portion of music necessary for the ebook.


    4. Highlight the book you want to transfer in the Overdrive Media Console and click the Transfer Button.   A window opens permitting you to click the boxes for parts of the book you wish to transfer.


    5. After the book has been transfered, when you click the disclosure triangle (arrow) to the left of the iPod, iPhone, or iPad in the Device section of the left hand menu of iTunes, MP3 books will show up under the Music subsection and WMA books will show up in the Books subsection.  Once the mobile device is disconnected from iTunes, MP3 books will show up in the Songs list of the mobile device and WMA books will show up in the Books list.


    6. To remove a book from a mobile device plug the device into the USB port and open iTunes. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of your iPod, iPhone, or iPad in the Device section of the left hand menu of iTunes so that you can see the device’s subcontents. For an MP3 book select the Music subsection, right click on the book and choose Delete.  For a WMA book, select the Book subsection, right click on the book and choose Delete.


    7. The Overdrive Media Console Guided Tour (videos) is at http://www.overdrive.com/Solutions/Libraries/tour/MenuWelcome.html .  The "Portable Devices" and "How to Transfer to a Portable Device" videos are there.


    8. To find a nearby library for ebooks search http://search.overdrive.com .  You can download the software, search for books and see tutorials without an account at the website of any library that uses Overdrive, however, you need a library card to download books.  At this library site, for example, the software and guided tour are at the bottom of the left hand menu.

    http://washoecounty.lib.overdrive.com/539A4B98-B41A-49DE-8EC1-A22F66E4C0F6/10/41 9/en/default.htm .

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    I've had my Ipod for a year and have had no problems downloading from library/overdrive until a few weeks ago.  that's when I upgraded to 5.0 on my Ipod.  Now my books are in my music folder or are listed by a number vs being placed in my audiobook section.  What's up???  Plz help.  The number system would be fine but there are 43 different numbers from books I've downloaded.  I have no clue what number is what book!

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    Nope, nope..my audio books download fine from OverDrive but still show up in the MUSIC folder on my IPOD (and in ITUNES).  Never had a problem until I upgraded IPOD version...I even upgraded again today but still duh!

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    I did manage to transfer one audio book to my ipod nano (7th generation) but subsequently . Now, when I try to transfer from Overdrive, i get an error message that I need an iTunes version later than 9 something but I have 11 something installed.  So if I cancel the warning it looks like the books are transfering although at a lot higher rate than did the one book I was able to transfer to the ipod.


    1. I can't find these subsequet books on the ipod in any directory when the ipod is not connected to the PC.

    2.But, if but when the ipod is connected nd I go to My Computer the ipod shows up as a removable storage device and when I click on it, all the books and their chapters are listed as wma files in what you might call the root directory.  I can click on anyone of them and they play on my computer.


    So, even though they don't show up on the ipod as a stand alone device, they do show up and can be played when the ipod is connect to my PC. 


    I have so many questions, I don't know where to start.  Is it that Overdrive can't interact with iTunes because it thinks that iTunes is too old when it's not?  Have files on the ipod been overwritten?  Overdrive thinks the books are already on the ipod which they appear to be but I can't ccess themwhen the ipod is disconnected.


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I consideered taking my computer and ipod to the local library but I don't think they have good user support.  HELP!!