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Based on the blog post on Red Sweater (http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/1935/lions-whole-disk-encryption) I tried to encrypt my secondary HD on my MacBook Pro 5,2. This is what I did:


diskutil cs convert /Volumes/SecondaryHD -passphrase ...


Then I see a "spinning wheel" and finally get this report:


Started CoreStorage operation on disk2s2 SecondaryHD

Resizing disk to fit Core Storage headers

Creating Core Storage Logical Volume Group

A problem occurred; undoing all changes

Reclaiming space formerly used by Core Storage metadata

Error: -69853: Boot file not written


Someone already mentioned that on the Red Sweater blog entry but there was no further info or help.


The /var/log/kernel.log spits out this:


Jul 31 12:08:27 Andreass-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: hfs_extendfs: will extend "SecondaryHD" by 77825 blocks

Jul 31 12:08:27 Andreass-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: hfs_extendfs: extended "SecondaryHD" to 122012668 blocks (was 121934843 blocks)


The /var/log/system.log does not report anything and the /var/log/secure.log reports this:


Jul 31 12:20:57 Andreass-MacBook-Pro com.apple.SecurityServer[40]: Succeeded authorizing right 'com.apple.DiskManagement.CoreStorage' by client '/usr/sbin/diskmanagementd' [409] for authorization created by '/usr/sbin/diskutil' [408]


My secondary disk in the orginal disk shipped with the MacBook Pro (model ST9500420ASG) and the primary disk is a SSD from OWC (mdoel OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD) which I already encrypted using the FileVault feature.


Does anyone has any pointers what to do next because most of my personal / sensitive data are on the secondary harddisk.


- Andy

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)