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Based on the blog post on Red Sweater (http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/1935/lions-whole-disk-encryption) I tried to encrypt my secondary HD on my MacBook Pro 5,2. This is what I did:


diskutil cs convert /Volumes/SecondaryHD -passphrase ...


Then I see a "spinning wheel" and finally get this report:


Started CoreStorage operation on disk2s2 SecondaryHD

Resizing disk to fit Core Storage headers

Creating Core Storage Logical Volume Group

A problem occurred; undoing all changes

Reclaiming space formerly used by Core Storage metadata

Error: -69853: Boot file not written


Someone already mentioned that on the Red Sweater blog entry but there was no further info or help.


The /var/log/kernel.log spits out this:


Jul 31 12:08:27 Andreass-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: hfs_extendfs: will extend "SecondaryHD" by 77825 blocks

Jul 31 12:08:27 Andreass-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: hfs_extendfs: extended "SecondaryHD" to 122012668 blocks (was 121934843 blocks)


The /var/log/system.log does not report anything and the /var/log/secure.log reports this:


Jul 31 12:20:57 Andreass-MacBook-Pro com.apple.SecurityServer[40]: Succeeded authorizing right 'com.apple.DiskManagement.CoreStorage' by client '/usr/sbin/diskmanagementd' [409] for authorization created by '/usr/sbin/diskutil' [408]


My secondary disk in the orginal disk shipped with the MacBook Pro (model ST9500420ASG) and the primary disk is a SSD from OWC (mdoel OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD) which I already encrypted using the FileVault feature.


Does anyone has any pointers what to do next because most of my personal / sensitive data are on the secondary harddisk.


- Andy

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    After some more digging it seems to be that way that when the hard disk is bootable then it fails. In order to test that is there a way to make a bootable drive un-bootable. My hard disk is bootable because the OS was initially installed on them and I used SuperDuper to copy it onto the SSD.


    - Andy

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    Having no further clue on how to proceed I made a SuperDuper copy of the secondary HD, erased it with DiskUtility and Encryption on and copied the SuperDuper copy back onto to now encrypted secondary HD.


    Now the disk is encrypted which was the goal all along.