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Updated via normal Sys.Upd. method, all seemed well; now running iTunes 10.4.



I see it broke every visualizer plug in that came with iTunes except Classic visualizer and regular visualizer.  Classic is from... what, 7 years ago now atleast? Telling me they made it 64 bit all along?



I am assuming all the rest are cracked because of not being 64 bit, the way new FCP-X broke all editors pricey and purchased non-64b plugins.



This is a 64 bit iTunes release is it not? Otherwise I see no reason why the other plugins I have leave the visualizer screen black and inactive (exo, discobrick, wow_lab circle, and a few others).



As well, every time I open iTunes I now get a "Discobrick 1.60 : unable to locate the <> plugin , repair permissions and retry". I see its still in the normal iTunes plugin folder however. Odd.



And finally; does anyone CONTINUE getting the 'give iTunes permission' to get incoming data/tx/feed/sources, be it Store access or podcast downloads, etc etc?



I have tried everything to stop it. I log in as a standard account user and have my security set to "set access to specific services and applications", as well as having all my Sys. Prefpanes password protected from changes.



I made a point of deleting then re-including iTunes with Allowed Permissions in the firewall to see if that would work and it doesnt; still have to enter Admin/PW each time. Very annoying... If any *^%$#^ app keeps asking such a thing even when 'cleared' by the firewall settings I have, why bother with that Security pane function at all??

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Brad Schurman Level 1 Level 1 (135 points)

    Ah, I see the 'enter full screen visualiser' feature is also broken... and not sure when they removed the small/medium/large screen options for it, but I used it occassionally so it didnt clutter up my iTunes options and selections.

    On the remaining working plug ins, they are inert, not responding to music at all as if  itunes was sitting idle. I see I cannot access settings of any plug ins like Gforce to tinker with prefs. Also, using mouse instead of keyboard commands for all the above likewise doesnt work.


    Now what, Apple?