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My iPhone 4, 4.3.3, won't complete a sync with iTunes in Windows 7. In fact, it hangs at the backup stage, so I can't even restore it. After several hours I give up and end up "slide to Cancel", and ultimately have to use Task Manager to force iTunes to quit. I have tried this 10 times now, after performing PC repairs, disk repairs, reinstalling iTunes, rebooting the iPhone, rebooting the PC... All to no benefit.


I see there are several questions about this problem and no one is answering them.



Toshiba Satellite, Windows 7, 1.6GB Intel Centrino Duo, 3gb ram.
  • Tim in Hong Kong Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Brian.

    I had similar problems with ituens getting almost to the end, then hanging.

    I was using Kaspersky Internet Security.

    I switched this off and my itunes then downloaded OK.

    I know it's not ideal, but maybe you can try dissabling your security for just the time it takes to download itunes.

    Hope this will help



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    having the same issue and would really like to hear a resolution to this serious issue.


    Both iPhone 4's in my home were backing up flawlessly until last night on our desktop (Windows 7 64-bit).  After searching all over these forums and the internet, no suggested fix has worked, including  removing all backups from the backup directory, deleting recent photos (for possible corruption), and even reinstalling iTunes (and rebooting my system along the way).  Have also tried disabling virus scan as suggested above to no avail.


    Phone gets verified, a backup file is created, but iTunes hangs on step 1 of backup and never recovers.  Forced to cancel sync from phone and kill iTunes via Task Manger.



  • gonpostal Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is what turned out to be the problem in my case: the hard drive on my pc was about to fail. A new hard drive ($59) and restoring windows 7 was all that was needed to get the iPod to sync again. And I had forgotten how snappy my pc was when windows 7 was a fresh install.


    Please run a 'deep' disk surface scan and see Egan kinds of errors exist. Good luck.

  • Summi1973 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same issue  with iTunes in Windows 7. In fact, I left it overnight and the backup had just one bar all night long.. Cant even upgrade to 4.3.5 or even sync now.. verifying takes more than 5-7 minutes.  Any help will be great !



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    I have been having the same issue with iPhone 4 and Windows 7 for the last week or so. I was hoping this would be the thread to find a solution! I've run SpinRite on the hard drive, so I know it's not a hard drive issue. There has to be a corrupted file somewhere. Re-installing iTunes didn't solve it either. Uninstalling doesn't remove user files, so there's probably something hanging around that will have to be manually deleted. I just don't know what yet.

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    After a call with Apple Support, the solution that worked for me was killing any 'Apple' process in Task Manager then restarting iTunes (actually a reboot of your machine couldn't hurt, though I didn't do that).  There are potentially a half-dozen processes running when backing-up and syncing your phone, and none can be running when you first plug it in.


    Hope this works for the rest of you - such a frustrating problem!

  • musial Level 1 (0 points)

    I will try that, but I've rebooted many times and still no luck.

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    Hey all - exact same problem as described (even with Killing all Apple processes didn't work, as none were running according to Task Manager. Any other ideas?

  • watkino Level 1 (0 points)

    OK - From another thread the best clue so far appears to be a problem with Outlook. I plugged in my phone, unchecked all Outlook related sync tasks, and it synced fine with iTunes. Now to figure out precisely what it doesn't like about Outlook as of the last release.

  • watkino Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup - what worked for me was actually quite simple. Plug in the iPhone 4, immediately select the device sync options and locate the tab where the sync options for Outlook are, uncheck them.  Immediately the phone began to sync just fine. What's more, iTunes rechecked the options I unchecked once the sync was completed. Feeling gutsy, I unplugged the phone, waited a few seconds, then plugged it back in - it then worked just fine, syncing Outlook as well.

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    These are the only steps that worked for me.


    Use the Control Panel to uninstall iTunes and related software components in the following order and then restart your computer:

    1. itunes
    2. QuickTime
    3. Apple Software Update
    4. Apple Mobile Device Support
    5. Bonjour
    6. Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)

    7) Make sure everything that is by Apple is removed including Safari. You can sort by "Publiser", when you uninstall programs this. Make sure you have at least one other web browser (like Firefox or Internet Explorer) before removing Safari. That way you can go back to the Apple web site and redownload iTunes later.

    8) Reboot your computer once you are done. Go to Apple's web site and redownload the latest iTunes. Install it and when it's done DO NOT OPEN IT. Reboot your computer one more time to make sure everything is set right.

    9) Once your computer is back up. It's safe to run it.

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    Thanks! That worked for me. Only rebooted once though after all the uninstalls.

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    This solved the issue for me - quick and simple


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    All right.  I am the most UN-techy person on here, but I did figure out what was wrong with mine.  I clicked on the Music tab and had to check Sync Music.  That was it.  It may not work for everybody, but I wish you luck

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