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I bought an iPhone 4 off someone under the impression that it was UNLOCKED due to the fact that is had no Network on the box (unlike other iPhones i've had)

but when taking my o2 Sim out of 1 iPhone and putting it into my newer one, iTunes was saying that the Sim was not supported,

so im obviously guessing that the iPhone is actually locked to a Network....

I tried Googling the Part/Serial Number and Vodafone kept getting mentioned so might it be locked on the Vodafone Network?



Any help with this would be appreciated!!

I need to get this sorted asap and need my o2 Sim working in my newer iPhone before my older one has sold (on eBay)


I purchased a Vodafone MicroSim just incase i'll need 1 for whatever reason..

but is there any other way or anyone else I can talk to to get this newer iPhone accepting my o2 Sim?


I cant get onto the iPhone at all as it stays on the main emergency call page as it isn't activated!



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10

    One of the big downfalls of purchasing an iPhone from a non-official source is a mess like this. Only the carrier that an iPhone is locked to can authorize the phone's official unlocking. Just about every carrier that unlocks iPhones will only do so for users active on their network. Thus, you're gonna have to establish service with the carrier this phone is locked to(after verifying they offer unlocking), then request they unlock your phone.

  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    Unfortunately, it seems you were misled. ONLY the carrier it is locked to can authorize the unlock. Apple Care may be able to tell you what carrier that is. You may just want to consider seeing if you can get your money back if that's possible. If it is locked to AT&T, which many of these seem to be, then you're out of luck. AT&T will not unlock iPhones for any reason.