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I need to erase all personal data from an office Mac laptop.  I've been able to successfully log out of MobileMe in System Preferences, but I cannot "log out" of my MobileMe Gallery in iPhoto.  I'm running iPhoto '09 and it continues to my MobileMe Gallery photos in the sidebar.  I've followed some of the other suggestions (trying to sign in to MobileMe with a fake name and password), but the MobileMe Gallery photos still appear in iPhoto.


I'm running 10.6.8

iPhoto '09 8.1.2

  • Jiri Krecek Level 4 (1,070 points)

    Just delete all folders in that gallery, so it's empty

    (this will wipe your gallery too, BTW, if that's what you want)


    In iPhoto preferences, there should be a tab for syncing. set it to manual, if there is a listing of accounts somewhere, delete mobileme account or any others.

    It's been a while since I used it, sorry for being vague.


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  • Emily Kessler Level 1 (35 points)

    I'm sorry, but none of this has worked.  I still want to keep my MobileMe Gallery.  I just don't want the photos displayed on this particular MacBook Pro since it belongs to my office. 


    There are no folders in the sidebar.  There are no photos in the Library.  All I have is the subheading "MobileMe Gallery" and a list of all the albums in my gallery.  If I click on any of them, I get an error message "an error occurred with the publication of album... Your MobileMe account information is not correct..."


    I've logged out of MobileMe in System Prefs.  So, why would the MobileMe Gallery even show up in iPhoto?


    Also, in iPhoto Prefs, there is no tab for syncing.


    I've deleted preferences for iPhoto.  I don't know what else to do.

  • Jiri Krecek Level 4 (1,070 points)

    Gotcha. Do you want to leave the iPhoto totally blank?


    Try to quit iPhoto, go to your Pictures >> iPhoto Library and delete it.

    Then next time you start iPhoto, it will ask you to pick one or create new.

    Do your galleries show under MobileMe now?


    I'm in Lion now, so I can't get into my User library - there could be references to iPhoto under the Application Support folder, in case the thing above didn't help.



  • Emily Kessler Level 1 (35 points)

    That did the trick!  Thanks so much.