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I lost all my contacts a few months ago when I upgraded the software.  When I called in to Apple, it was suggested that in order to have the contacts reloaded, I reset my phone under my wife's settings.  I did this and got all of her contacts.  The problem now is that we each get the new contacts from one another as well as any new apps we download.  I really don't want her contacts in my contact list or her apps, and nor does she want mine.  Does anybody know how to go about creating my own account again?


iPhone 4
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    Restoring your iPhone from the backup for your wife's iPhone will not restore your contacts.


    You should have restored your iPhone with iTunes from your iPhone's backup - the backup for iPhone at that time. There is a new backup for your iPhone now so you need to restore from the backup dated at that time.


    Each iPhone can have its own sync preferences with iTunes. You can select the apps you want installed on your iPhone under the Apps tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes, and your wife can do the same under the Apps tab for her iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.


    Regarding contacts, contacts are designed to be synced with a supported address book application on your computer. Are your contacts available in an address book app on your computer, or you are depending on your iPhone alone for this data which can be lost or stolen?