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I am just about ready to upgrade to lion, but have an issue with my scanners ... Three of them, all epson.. Using Epson scan app has been great, but I read that it will not run on Lion... So I've tried both image capture and vuescan... Both are awful compared to the old epson scan and I don't really see any alternatives.


What have you with epson scanners done???





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    You can use some of the native apps of the OSX to scan.  I have an HP Scanner and don't have HP Scanner software installed. I just used Preview.app to scan.  Just select Import From Scanner from the File Menu of the Preview application.

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    Thanks for the tip... But I can't make it work.


    I'm currently using 10.6.8 and the only scanner option in >file was >import from scanner, but that didn't do anything and the epson scanner was not shown to be active or anything like that.


    Is there any other native app that might work?





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    You should be able to scan from System Preferences as well.


    1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Print & Scan.Open Print & Scan preferences
    2. Double-click your scanner in the list at the left.
    3. Click Scanner.
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    Thanks for that tip... But that is just another way to launch Image Capture, isn't it?


    I am not happy with the quality of scans using Image Capture.  At default settings in Epson scan, I got a really clean scan. With Image Capture, my scans are very gray in the white areas and require work with Photoshop or other editor to use the Image Capture output.


    I'm hoping there is some other solution in the way of a 3P app (other than VueScan which seems to give results exactly the same quality as Image Capture).


    Or, alternatively, does anyone have a suggested list of Image Capture settings????





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    I have an Epson 1640XL for years now. always worked great running Epson Scan.

    We recently upgraded to Lion and now nothing works.  The epson scan is outdated and will not run in Lion. The build in software for Lion pretty much suchs and keeps crashing on scan.


    I have not found any help with this.


    Let me know if you find anything.



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    I called Epson and their answer was that they will not be supporting Lion with an Epson scan app update.


    They state that we should use Image Capture instead.


    I've not upgraded to Lion yet because of this. I ran tests using Image Capture, VueScan and Espon Scan... Epson scan works significantly better at giving you useable scans without post processing. Image Capture (free on the mac) gives results identical to VueScan and not any where in the same quality as the epson scan app, but can be fairly well corrected wtih post processing.


    Since I'm probably going to upgrade to Lion eventually, I'm considering switching to Canon printers and scanners, but haven't had the time to be sure they don't have the same issues.


    I was amazed at the response from Epson; I've been a total fan of epson products till now... Though I always hated the complicated way they loaded their software and drivers... So maybe a change will be fine.





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    Unfortunately, all of the scanner manufacturers are about the same. The key is that they all make so many different models, over time, that after about 3 years or so, they're unwilling to provide software updates. Buying new, buying a popular good selling model, and maybe avoiding all-in-one models, will probably insure longer software support.

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    I understand obsolescence (as any Apple user :-) but Epson has no plans to release a new app for even new scanners. Their answer is to use the apple app that comes with Lion... Image Capture, and I'm not at all happy with the results (really workflow) with ImageCapture.


    I'm not sure there is any difference in the all-in-one support vs. The dedicated scanners... I've gotten hooked on the all in ones and they are all so cheap you can afford to upgrade them pretty regularly -- my first one to upgrade right now is about 3 years old... Probably the lifespan of a low priced inkjet in any event.


    I have not found any 3P mac app for scanning other than VueScan. Kind of surprising -- maybe it's selective memory, but I think there are quite a few 3P apps for windows?


    Oh well, life goes on :-)



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    I am having the same problem with Lion. I've used an Epson Perfection 1260 for years with Epson Scan, but now that I've upgraded to Lion and Epson Scan doesn't work, Ive tried Image Capture and Preview with horrific results.  Maybe good enough to capture a document, but pathetic for photos or anything with fine detail.  Have you found a solution or did you just stay with Snow Leopard?  I find this situation almost umbelievable.  How can Apple insist that Lion is so great if anyone in the photography or fine arts area can't use an Epson scanner properly.  Have you found any other scanner models that work with Lion?

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    Sort of both. I can't upgrade to lion until the Image Print upgrade is finished. 

    But I kept searching and think the best answer is VUESCAN.  I bought the pro version to get lifetime upgrades free a d I'm happy with the results. 

    See s like. Oth apple and epson are t gonna help any time soon.


    Good luck



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    Thanks Tom. I had just tried the Tesst version of Vue Scan and found the results satisfactory (although considerably slower than Epson Scan was). Hopefully I will get the time down when I get more familiar with the settings and the interface.


    I also have purchased the Pro Version as we don't know how many more iterations of OSX we'll go through and this at least gives us a firm commitment for whatever scanners we end up buying in the future.  thanks for your quick response.

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    I am a graphic designer and have been using an Epson Perfection Photo 4870 for years now. 99% has been TWAIN'd through Photoshop. My main issue always was that, I would have to FILE > IMPORT > TWAIN over and over again, for everything I wanted to scan, and it wasted a lot of time relaunching the Epson scanning software.


    Recently my 2007 MacBook died (two days ago) completely...so I had to purchase a new MacBook Pro with Lion pre-installed. After multiple failed atempts to TWAIN the scanner through Photoshop or even trying to launch the scanner through the Print / Fax settings (which would never launch)...I finally discovered that Image Capture was fully recognizing the scanner.


    So I have ran a few tests scans, photos, artwork, office papers...etc. I haven't tried the transparency abilities yet, but so far, the software seems to retain all the abilities the Epson software did and actually has more features now. All the Image Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, Descreening, Backlight and Dust Removal are all there and seem to function normally. It's got all the DPI options, size, color and even file type options.


    It may take a few more times to really tweek the software and figure out what are the best settings to use now, but I think overall it is going to be just fine. One new feature that I have seen from the get go, is the ability to ROTATE the scanning selection box! Which was NOT available in the Epson software, this is a huge plus which will save time having to readjust alignment in PS if the scanned items ***** on the scanner bed while closing the lid or something. Also, the fact that the software doesn't have to close and relaunch on every scan.


    The main drawback I do see so far though, is that you cannot add the PS.app to the list of destinations to send a scanned file. So at the moment I am just sending scans to a select folder and then opening them in PS to edit. It has the option to send to iPhoto, Image.app and Mail, but not PS. I think if they enable that option, then this Image Capture software will be plenty suficient to use.


    No one likes change...but sometimes it works out ot be better.


    Oh yea, and it does seem to process, preview and scan much quicker than the old Epson Scan software...