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Using iMovie application on iMac, I imported a number of video clips from my iPHone.  I never saw an option to delete (or not delete) the clips on the iPhone so they are still there.  I would like to delete them once tdhey have been imported.  How?  Can I set a preference in iMovie that will offer to delete clips?

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iPhone User Guide (For iOS 4.2 and 4.3 Software)

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    Thanks for linking me to the iPhone User Guide for ios4.

    On page 103 I was able to read the following about deleting videos from the iPhone:


    Deleting Videos from iPhone


    You can delete videos from iPhone to save space.
    Delete a video: In the videos list, swipe left or right over the video, then tap Delete.


    Deleting a video from iPhone (other than a rented movie or TV show) doesn’t deletethe video from your iTunes library. It may reappear on iPhone if the video in iTunes isstill set to sync.


    Important: If you delete a rented movie or TV show from iPhone, it’s deletedpermanently and cannot be transferred back to your computer.



    It (the quote above) explains how to delete the videos one by one. To refine my question, which is not actually answered by the above, is "how do I tell iMovie (or other software as appropriate)  to delete the clips/videos from my iphone after they have been imported to the Mac WITHOUT HAVING TO INDIVIDUALLY DELETE EACH ONE BY GOING TO THEM ON THE IPHONE.  I am not trying to save space.  Rather, I am trying to get rid of the original footage on my iPhone so that I will not come back to it a year or so later, having forgotten that I already made a movie from it.


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    I had the some question and found the solution documented in the following article that involes the "image capture" program to be the most useful:

    http://www.zdnet.com/blog/mobile-gadgeteer/deleting-all-photos-and-videos-from-y our-iphone/4212


    I have now set this as the default app to launch when connecting the iphone to my laptop.  From here I can then decide whether to import to iphoto, a folder or wait and import to imovie and then come back to image capture to delete. 



    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks buddy it helped.... tied finding the answer on my own but couldn't... thanks a ton

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    I tried the method os setting it to "Manually manage music and videos" but it tells me that I must "Erase and Sync" my phone. I dont want to lose all my phone info. I accidentally synced it on my work computer, then had to "unsync on all computers" to get it to allow me to sync on my home computer.


    I tried several attempts to do this (turn off the phone, quit Itunes, turn on the phone), etc.


    So far nothing works.


    I would appreciate any suggestions.




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    Image Capture no longer offers this option :/

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    All the videos should be in your camera too. Once you deleted on the camera, they will be automatically deleted on the imovie app.