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  • Niko123 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmmmm....when i started having this problem, I had recently upgraded (if you want to call it that) my memory to 16 gb from OWC.  Now, I have re-installed the stock apple memory and have not had a problem for a few weeks.  I believe my memory upgrade is the problem in my case. 

  • Agus R. Level 1 (0 points)

    Joining you people... I have the last gen 17" Macbook Pro (2.4Ghz i7) and it constantly freezes with rolling beach ball after wake up from sleep.


    I'm happy to find this thread to know that I'm not the only one who have this problem.. sigh..


    I'm using Mountain Lion and the problem still occur. I thought it started to happens after I installed Better Touch Tool and jiTouch (gesture tools).


    I also suspecting my new wacom intuos 5 (wireless).


    Anybody think or have experience with those tools and hardware?



    Thanks everyone!


  • serhatkar Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all.


    I have the freezing issue on my MBP 2011 15'' for a long time.


    I just discovered after wake up my RAM is almost full (110mb/4gb) and it doesn't go free by itself. So I am using an app (Ram Optimizer Lite) for the issue. Whenever i see it hitting to top I optimize it in order to use inactive memory. I have no freezes for 5 days now.

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    I have this problem.


    but with Wi-Fi.


    After sleeping, macbook pro 2009 trying to find Wi-fi and FREEZING!!

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    Same issue here. On wake the computer (slowly) freezes. At first I thought this was related to WiFi as it couldn't find the network but this happens on wire as well. Time machine backup is off and I do not, nor have ever, used the BT trackpad.


    Computer is 17" MBP mid 2010 with 8GB RAM and a regular HD. Problem started while on Mac OS X 10.7.x and persists through the currently installed 10.8.1.


    Really ******* me off as I am shutting the computer down every time I close it. Ultimately that is the best solution as opposed to keep having to do hard restarts.


    (maybe Apple built this in to make me hate the computer and love the iPad... starting to use that more because of this problem)

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    I have same problem. Just purchased new mac desktop 27" and after sleeps it hangs up. I usually try to check mail and it stops working. I use firefox, not sure if this helps. Can't keep working like this!!!! Please fix or I will have to return it.

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    SOLUTION for SSDs machines.


    For those of you with 3RD party SSDs, this solution worked for me.

    Update the firmware on your SSDs, after 10.8 something screwy happened to where the mac would not be able to communicate with the SSD, making it freeze and have to do a forced reboot. Manufacturers like OSZ and Sandisk, addressed the issue in seperate firmware updates. I just updated mine and after testing with sleeping for both 20mins and 8 hours, the freezing issue has stopped. Hopefully, this will help others as well.


    Go to the manufacturers website for your SSD and update to its latest SSD firmware, reboot and it should all be better now. Goodluck!

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    Sadly we still find the same problem with non SSD machines :-(


    I've been waiting for 10.8.1 anxiously hoping it will fix the problem, but it didn't. Hope 10.8.2 will do something to fix this issue.


    Does apple recognize this issue yet?

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    The fix for me was to re-initialize with time machine the drive I was using for backup storage.

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    I can confirm this is happening for me - Macbook Pro retina will freeze after trying to wake from sleep.  I narrowed this down to only being the case when my external monitor is plugged in via HDMI.  If i remove the HDMI cable the computer wakes normally. 


    I can also confirm that after a new partition and fresh ML install that the problem still occurs - so it is not 3rd party software related.


    Is anyone else having the problem with something plugged in via HDMI only?

  • Andrea Akutagawa Level 1 (0 points)



    I would also like to report similar troubles with my Apple device (MacBook Pro Retina, 8gb, 2.6 GHz, 500gb).

    When it occurs, like others reported in this forum, I resort to rebooting my device.


    Your mentioning of applications running is interesting. I also had Chrome open, among other apps. Before I set my computer to sleep, I'll try logging out of these apps to see if it affects the problematic phenomena (since Chrome).


    Best regards,

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    I've been testing my case a bit. Even though I can not effectively conclude this as the issue is hard (and incredibly time consuming) to reproduce it seems to be bluetooth related on my side. I've always used the BT Mighty Mouse and a wired keyboard. If I have bluetooth turned off when putting the computer to sleep I have not enountered the freeze. Having BT on but no devices paired still causes the issue. However, I can not say for certain that the computer will never freeze with bluetooth off - the day might still come.

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    Hey guys,


    I think I found my solution here: om-sleep


    I do the Solution 1: Select a Startup Disk.

    I also do SMC reset and PRAM reset just to make sure.


    And.. I've been using my macbook for more than a week without any wake up issue. I'm so happy that I can put my mac to sleep instead of shut it down everytime I finished my work. 


    Hope it helps.




    —My mac is last gen 17 Macbook Pro (2.4GHz i7) with 16GB Corsair memory upgrade.

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    I have the same issue: MBP Mid 2010 but w/o SSD.


    Since I installed ML my Mac freezes after waking him up from deep sleep. What happens is that I see the white screen with a progress bar at the bottom. The bars within fill until the last one and then it freezes - nothing happens. Only with a hard reset I can restart the Mac.

    I know that it's a ML thing as I currently installed Lion for testing. And I also tried the standard things like - resetting PRAM etc.


    Any idea?

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    I've been suffering almost daily iMac 24" freeze-upon-awakenings for about 18 months.  Started in Snow Leopard, continued into Lion.


    Yesterday, I plowed through this entire thread for ideas until I came upon the possibility that Bluetooth might be my culprit.  I switched to a wired mouse and turned off Bluetooth.  So far 24 hours without a freeze, possibly a record.


    We'll see.