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  • DJ SteveS Level 1 (0 points)

    Even before reading this thread, I narrowed the trouble to bluetooth, I would get random black screens when I accessed my BT trackpad.  Especially when waking from sleep, as soon as I would enter my password and try to navigate with the mouse, the screen would go black...  but the occurence was not limited to sleep...


    I cannot replicate with any regularity, but I am going without the bluetooth for a while to see if it happens again.  I did not disable BT yet, I simply disables my BT keyboard and mouse by removing the batteries.


    I am a DJ and if this happened in the middle of one of my weddings that would SUCK big time!


  • vntlsnd83 Level 1 (0 points)

    running mountain lion 10.8.2 on a brand new macbook pro (3 weeks old). the screen freezes on wakeup after a sleep for 4 to 5 hours. the external monitor shows me the login screen howver the  external apple mouse or track pad isn't or keyboard enabled, completely frozen. have to reboot to get it back. please help.

  • pug1334 Level 1 (20 points)

    This happens once in a rare time with me (Late 2009 iMac and Easrly 2011MBP) on my iMac.  I believe it's a bluetooth connectivity issue. I would call Apple if this happens a lot.

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    YMMV but this is what happened for me:


    Had a base 15 inch rMBP with 16gig upgraded ram -

    I narrowed my screen freezing on wake issue to the external monitor being connected.  Went back and forth with apple phone support for a few days ultimately they had me bring it in.  They swapped out the logic board and that only made things worse - kernal panics, etc. 


    They wound up replacing my machine with a new one - and they actually gave me a top of line rMBP for free (they didnt charge me for the upgrade over my base model), which was awesome.  Anyways it happened again once or twice on the new machine.  Then I changed this in settings:


    Unchecked automatic graphics switching, wake for wifi access, and power nap.  Haven't had the issue since. 

  • tobbi Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, I think I can now safely say my issue is entirely bluetooth related. At the end of September I turned BT off in System Preferences on the laptop and it has been off since. Not a single occurrence of the freeze. I spoke to a friend that owns a Mac support shop in Iceland and asked him if he had heard of a similar issue. He told me that they have received several machines from mid-2010 with bluetooth issues, whether they show the same symptoms or not.


    As I don't have AppleCare on my machine (slaps face several times) I guess I have to live with the issue or cough up the massive cost of a motherboard replacement.


    ... or use this as an excuse to go for a newer computer :-)

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    I had this issue with my Mac Air 2012 on same OS.


    did you change your power settings (away from default)?  I found when I set my power settings back to default, the lock-ups stopped happening.  I just downloaded the OS update today for 10.8.2...  and changed my power settings again.. so I guess I will see if the lock ups come back.

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    The things I tried to deal with this issue were, after various and many calls with Apple Care and running their diagnostics which didn't isolate the issue in the end.


    Replacing my old hub for a new one.


    Using wired mouse and keyboard instead of bluetooth.


    Turning off Time Machine


    Adjusting the settings for sleep and screen savers, various different permutations.


    Finally I gave up and stopped having a password login on wake from sleep. So I have less security but no freeze issues and haven't had for several months.  I am disappointed that Apple couldn't resolve for me but it wasn't for want of trying on the part of the people who work for them.

  • DJ SteveS Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I am finally repaired - yes I said repaired, I ended up talking to an authorized repair center and found out that the mid-2010 MBP has a known issue with the video hardware supplied through nvidia.  I use my computer for my work so having it down for a week is generally not an option for me.  But the problem was outweighing the usage so I went into Onyx Consulting in Atlanta! (Two Thumbs Up BTW). 


    There was a two day wait to get the system on the bench so I paid the $100 jump to the front of the line fee...  They called me back within a couple of hours and said that the video card was indeed failing their diagnostic tests - next, they told me that because Apple knows of the issue they would be checking with them to see if the board could be covered as a warranty item even though the system is out of warranty.


    To Apple's credit, they did in fact cover the whole cost of the repair!!!  In the process I found out that they not only replaced the video card, they actually replaced the entire logic board!  I was very please about that!  Additionally I found out that Apple has a flat rate repair service - for $349 you can send your system in and they will fix it (according to the rep at Onyx, "they will just throw parts at the problem until it is repaired.").  Just good information for future reference that I hope I will NEVER need!


    So my trouble was in fact a hardware issue!  If you are having similar issues you may need to go have the hardware diagnostic run at an Apple store or an authorized repair facility like Onyx Consulting in Atlanta. (can you tell I like 'em)?

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    I have been struggling with this problem for about a year and just found a solution. On my system the problem turned out to be the original (older) firmware in my OCZ Verex 3 SSD drive. After a firmware update the problem went away. I followed this guide to do the upgrade:!!-OCZ-Bootable -Toolbox-Mac-Edition

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    Thanks for the tip Perre. I just installed an Agility 4 model ssd and my late 2008 macbook w/ Mtn. Lion was doing the same thing. Luckly you posted this, I followed OCZ's instructions, and it fixed my problem.

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    Well, let me stick in my two cents.


    My iMac now running Lion has been freezing on wakeup for several years. Sometimes happens several times a day. Continued after upgrade from Snow Leopard. 


    I have plenty of hard drive space remaining and have maxed my memory. Tried some of the suggestions on several boards to no avail. Shut off Time Machine; nada.  Thought that Little Snitch might be problem; nada.  Got rid of Bluetooth mouse; nope.  I used to sneak up on my sleeping Mac and brush the shift key to wake it up; nothing.


    Two weeks ago, I tried shutting down my browser - Chromium - before leaving the computer alone.  No freezes since. 


    Don't know whether the problem is confined to the Chrome browser platform or all Mac browsers, but don't feel like experimenting.


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    Have a three-month old MacBook Air with retina.  Pricey but wanted retina for photography.  Have had waking up issues since week two plus etch-a-sketch screen.  After two genius appts., Apple replaced the logic board.  Manager spent 30 minutes+ with me when I went to pick up repaired mcbk.  He was convinced the problem was fixed, although was not convinced it needed new logic board.  Said there is a known glitch with time set for sleep mode between computer and display.  So he adjusted accordingly.  Problem is reoccuring.  I am at wits end and will not settle for another 'repair' at these prices.  My old Macbook never had this issue.   So is it Lion versus why fix it if it isn't broken Leopard?  Wish I were more computer savvy, but not understanding all the previous posts and remedies.  Open to any advice, and thanks!

  • pug1334 Level 1 (20 points)

    Insist it be replaced.  What a bunch of baloney!

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    Hi All,

         This problem was annoying me for quite a long time. I'v tried many many solutions but not help.

    Finally I think I found the solution for my 13" MBP late 2011. Now, My MBP Running without problem for 2-3 weeks since fixed.


         Hope this may help you.

    My MBP Spec.

    13" MBP late 2011

    Upgraded Memory to 8GB




    The following is my step..


    1. Run OnyX to clean system

    2. Varify the login item in system preferences.

    3. Boot into Safemode, login as root

         3.1 Then launch Disk utility: verify Disk, repair permission

         3.2 Using Terminal:

              Backup folder /var/log as /var/log.backup. Then delete all contents in its "rm -Rf /var/log/*"

              Increase standbydelay "sudo pmset -g standbydelay 151200". (You may use the different value)

              If you want to diable hibernatemode, just "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0" (mine was leave it as mode 3 without problem, but set it to 0 is a little bit faster wakeup)

    4. Resetting NVRAM/PRAM

    5. Resetting SMC

    6. reboot system again.



         Due to my disk is SSD so i prefer to disable Sudden Motion Sensor by "sudo pmset -a sms 0"

  • triciapb Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple replaced computer yesterday after not waking up and etch-a-sketch issues reoccurred with new logic board.  In addition, Itunes was shutting down repeatedly, and then computer froze.  Apple did migration to new computer.  Said that if new McBk has same problem, then it could be problematic software which was originally migrated from old McBk to replaced computer.  We would have to do a clean swipe (back up to external drive NOT using time machine), then add back each item individually.  They also said that there are some 'known issues' and everyone is waiting for something to come from corporate.  My sense, based on nothing, is that it's a Lion issue.  Never had any problem with previous McBk with Leopard.  I have to admit that my faith in Apple quality control has been shaken.  I surely don't want to go back to a pc, but if Apple wants to charge a premium, they have to deliver a premium product which doesn't need to be in the shop regularly.  Despite having to drive 45 minutes each way and then spend two hours at Apple store trying to sort out 'the options', they were attentive and responsible. 

    Also to correct my original post, this is a 15" Macbook Pro with retina, not an Air.  Don't know what I was thinking except that I wasn't.