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I've installed Lion for one week. Runs fine except when waking up from "sleep" mode. (NL: sluimer) I can't determine what causes this behaviour. Usually Chrome, Mail (2nd desktop) and Parallels Desktop are running.


Also I had once a freeze when the machine was unused for 15min. Activating resulted in a freeze. Button on the back used for off and on.


Please help me solving this issue.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I have no solution, but exactly the same problem.

    This happens on a 27" Imac with Lion installed. As soon as it comes out of sleep and Chrome is activated, the system hangs and the only solution is the on/off button.

  • martin_w Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems to me that Chrome is no issue. Parallels Desktop is also on the iMac and at the time I suspect Parallels more. I'm troubelshooting this by trial and error.


    Do you have Parallels?

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    No Parallels installed. Basicly, this is a normal setup without too much installed.

    In the meantime i heard that there are a lot of people experiencing lockups/freeze since the upgrade to Lion. Most of them are related to Video/flash/chrome after coming out of sleep mode.

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    OK. I'll keep an eye out.


    Do you know the right discussion on this forum about more feezes?

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    Yeah this is happening to me as well.


    I'm thinking it's Chrome - seems to be the common program here

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    @martin_w: This is a huge thread with discussions about freeze after sleep and playing video/flash.

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    yeah, i have the same issue right here. After i sleep my iMac 21 and turn it on again, when i load up my Safari, it suddenly freeze. Turn off the power is the only way that i can do it.

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    After a few days I haven't experienced it anymore. I can't find the cause. I'll be back.

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    its still the same. Today my iMac went error for the same reason. I want to play a youtube video after woke up, then, freeze.

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    Hi. I don't have Chrome but the same thing happened to my macbook pro. It happened yesterday and today upon wake up, with screen zoomed in but frozen. Couldn't do anything but off button.   I purchased my new macbook pro just about two weeks ago and installed Lion OS X online.

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    new update from Apple should fix this problem i think. But they said its only safari problem on the list. I dunno the others..

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    I've got no solution for you guys, but I have the identical problem. Lion freezes at least once a day on my brand new 27" iMac i7 when I don't think I've ever had a freeze-up with any other version of OSX.


    Chrome is definitely not the culprit, as I do not have it installed. However, it only freezes when I'm on the web with Safari - specifically, when a video or flash animation is loading. And yes, like other people, this typically only happens after my computer has been sleeping.


    I suspect it's a video driver "not waking up" with the rest of the computer. In any case, this needs to be fixed, Apple!!!

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    I have the same problem on my MBP 15" mid 2010. The freeze seems to occure when i come back from sleep, time machine icon seems to backup but freeze like second or 2 after. Mac Mail run at the same time and seems to freeze when getting mail. But no problem when Time Machine was disabled. Am i the only one where this occure when Time Machine was activated? Or maybe everyone check if it's time machine who cause the freeze.


    Hope it help to find the problem of freezing

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    I'm also experiencing the freeze issue. I have a 27" late 2009 iMac. It happens when getting the machine out of sleep state. Sometimes it works and sometimes it hangs. I believe that the machine itself doesn't hang. It looks like the mouse, trackpad and keyboard (all connected via bluetooth) are not responding. There are some known issues with regards to hanging and sleep state, but those are mainly related to the usage of Adobe Flash. I also don't use Chrome and Parallels, so in my case the problem is not related to those software components.


    I hope Apple will solve this soon. Since I have bought my iMac in 2009, I always use the sleep mode. After the upgrade to Lion I have to shutdown my machine.



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