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Everything was fine with iTunes and my iPod and all, then i got the update window telling me I should update, so I do. It takes a while to download onto my computer, then i start it and it says something along the lines of "Formatting iPod to original settings, blah blah, erasing all music and what not."

As soon as I read this, I immediately unplugged my iPod from the USB to the computer. I only did this because all my songs that are on my iPod are no where else. I get them, put them on my iPod, then delete them from my computer since i don't have enough space to keep songs on my computer. I had around 680 songs, and I hope they are still there.

Now, when i plug my iPod back in, it shows a really low quality "Do Not Disconnect" sign, and the battery is charging... yet when I open iTunes, it does not recognize the iPod. When I unplugged the iPod again to see what was going on, it showed the folder and said to go to www.apple.com/support/ipod so I came here. I don't want to lose any of my songs, because it took forever to get them, and quite a bit of money.

Any help would be great, thanks
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    unfortunately I think the only way out of your situation is to do a restore of the ipod which will mean you lose all your songs. From the info you supplied you have the dreaded logo on your ipod which occurs when you unplug while its still updating and corrupts the data on the ipod. I know this won't be good news to you but I've not seen anything onthe forums that will help you retrieve your songs once your in this position.

    I've been in a similar position of losing music which I brought from Itunes. I had to restore my PC and IPOD and lost al purchased music since my last backup of the PC (fortunately only 2 albums). I now as a rule burn a copy of any purchased albums before doing anything else. That way I have a backup and as blank CD's only cost around 20p each its worth it.