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I wonder if someone might be able to help me with a couple of questions I have with regard to iTunes U categories and subcategories.




Q1 What is the correct RSS feed code for multiple iTunes U categories?


The example on this page tells me how to add iTunes U category codes to my rss feed at item level. It’s possible to list multiple categories for each item (although iTunes U only takes the first instance) but the example code only shows single category. Would the following be a correct example of RSS code for multiple categories?


<itunesu:category itunesu:code="100100" />

<itunesu:category itunesu:code="110101" />

<itunesu:category itunesu:code="109105" />



Q2 Where do subcategories appear in iTunes U?


The iTunes U category code schema has a list of categories and subcategories.


I can find the categories in the iTunes U drop down menu (see screen shot below) but not the sub categories. Even when I navigate to a category page the sub categories are not visible. How do users access the subcategories and if they can’t is there any point to using them?