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Pleased with the Lion Desktop Flamingo wallpaper/background, I tried to find it in Mac Lion to copy for use in Bootcamped Windows, and can not find the picture.



Is it unavailable for copy to other OS?

MacPro 2.8 GHz, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I don't have Lion yet but here is where the original desktops are located in SL.


    Macintosh HD/ Library/ Desktops/

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    Thanks a lot. In Lion, my search for Flamingos found no equal but it was where you stated.

    I have a thing about Pink Flagos that arose from friend having plastic same on his lawn.

    Apple Quick Time HD Demo, no longer available, had a BBC stream that included stunning rendition of Flagos doing their thing on water and on into the air. Put neck ties on them; they are off to work.


    When roll up LED screen becomes available (as seen at the Beijing games) I plan to broadcast same, similar to the side of my house.