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I'm trying to delete some unused/unwanted apps from within the iTunes structure.  Here's what I've done already:


  • Deleted directly from my iPad 2 by holding my finger on an app's icon, then tapping the "delete" icon in the uppoer left corner
  • Connect my iPad 2 to my Mac and to iTunes.  Went from screen to screen hovering my pointer over the apps in question and clicked the "delete" icon in the upper left corner.  Some apps asked if I wanted to keep them or trash them, which I answered "trash."
  • Turning our attention to the left sidebar in iTunes under the Apps tab, it's labeled "Sync Apps" and has a sort dropdown between the head and the list of apps.  The unwanted apps still reside in thhis list though the checkbox to their left is unchecked.  (see image below)
  • I have searched through the different discussion on this forum as well as others, with answers that pretty much mirror what I've done so far, with the exception that some people recommended using the "delete" key (which I assume is the same as the "backspace" key, however I've pressed both), which doesn't do anything.
  • Here is where I have come up against a stone wall. 


How on earth do I get iTunes to delete those apps that I absolutely and positively don't want hanging around?  I don't want them to suddenly appear on my iPad through some vagaries of the sync process and I don't want them showing up within iTunes.


My setup:


A 64GB WiFi iPad 2 running 4.3.5

A 2009 Mac Mini running Lion and iTunes 10.4 (build 80)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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    When you delete the app - select the other option - not the trash option - select keep files - see if that works - it seems to work for me when I try it. Sort of backwards but the app disappeared from my apps list when I did it.


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    I feel like such a dipstick sometimes.  I'll fret over a problem for hours, then post a question somewhere, then minutes later it seems that a lightbulb goes of over my head.


    One thing I forgot to do was go to the Apps tab under the Library area of iTunes.  <headsmack!>


    Going there and viewing the app icons, I found that selecting an app and either right-clicking and selecting "delete", or simply hitting my "backspace" key cause it to disappear, both from the Apps panel in the Library, but also in the list of Apps next to my iPad screens.


    Sorry for the intrusion.