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  • lizfrompymble Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I vote for the default option being a time that can be changed rather than all day event ---  the previous version was fine. I do like that if the time is in the reminder then it is recognised but both options would be best.

  • pcieply Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Another vote for being able to set defaults. This is crazy.

  • Mike Hann Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I am also disapointed with the new "functinality" of ical.  I too use month view and rely on the prefrence of automatic reminders.  With the default set to "all day" events the automatic reminder is not recognized.  This aspect certainly seems like a bug.  If I choose an automatic reminder shouldn't that reminder be added autmatically to an all day event? 

  • HeyAppleStopMakingThingsWorse Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had enough of apple ical. The changes in lion aren't an improvement over the previous version. Making ical more like it's iphone counterpart just reduced it's usefullness. I've moved on to busycal and find it's default settings more useful to my needs. I could get pass ical what i consider ugly looks if it worked but that's 2 strikes and ical is out.

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    busycal looks good.  But OMG, do I have to pay $50 to replace an Apple system product?  What's the world coming to?

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    Another vote for adding our own defaults in preferences, as well as having the ability to see a multi-month calendar along the side.  The page-turning animation takes FOREVER when I have to skip ahead 6 months - this is crazy!  And the ugly brown/orange header with stitching and torn paper has GOT to go.  Basically, we need way more control in preferences - calendars are a very personal thing. 


    Why can't we build our own iCal in iPhoto - just like the ones that we print for Granny?

  • mrc3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    If you must jump several months, don't hesitate to swtich to year view and double click your target month.


    A lack of preferences is an uncharacteristic shame.

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    Another vote for making it the way it was in Snow Leopard. If I could at least put focus on the all-day (the hyphen is a sign that somebody illiterate worked on the UI) by pressing the Tab key while focus is on the "location" text box, it would be an improvement.


    Believe it or not, Apple, some of your users LIKE the keyboard and do not want to have to move a hand to the mouse to uncheck the box. The same goes for the hideous "+" button at the upper left corner of the window.


    Typing in something like "Lunch with Fred 1pm" is also incredibly inconvenient because I often want to add additional information to an event. So I need the entire event box to open automatically.


    And the 8-hour default is inexcusable. Even for those of us who use iCal for meetings at work -- nobody has 8-hour meetings! How would we get anything done? I seriously doubt that anybody at Apple has 8-hour meetings. (Otherwise how would they meet their crazy deadlines?) I guess most people at Apple are secretly still using Snow Leopard or a third-party calendar app. How sad.


    Think of all the time that could've been saved by NOT changing the calendar or putting a hyphen in "all-day" and making it non-focusable. I am not sure about in Objective-C but in the programming language I use (which is clearly far better than Objective-C in every way) you have to do EXTRA work to make a checkbox unable to receive keyboard focus. Most of the time, good programming practice is to make EVERYTHING doable by, keyboard, mouse and menu choice, except things that obviously require typing (such as "Complain about iCal").


    I doubt that Apple will ever fix iCal because then they would be admitting that they were wrong.


    And BTW, folks with your defaults com.Apple.iCal.plist, that no longer works in Terminal. It has no effect whatsoever, because Apple wants to make sure we bend over and take it.

  • schoodle Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    pipkin0101, I'm in total agreement with you and everyone else who knows Apple is rotten to the core (pun soooooo intended) when it comes to their listening skills and fixing of iCal. They have been ignoring us users for some years now. Even in SL, I have had problems that go back 3 years that Apple has never bothered to fix. Events lost. Events duplicated. Event alarms popping up AFTER the scheduled time in the alarms. Info dropping out. MobileMe not pushing the iCal.


    Address Book is another bummer with contacts constantly being dropped out.


    Incompatibilities of Lion and SL.




    I'm going to give Google a try.

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    I wouldn't go as far as to say that Apple is rotten to the core.


    At least when it comes to constantly screwing developers, Microsoft is much, much worse. [Numerous examples omitted, not that I wouldn't be happy to provide a dozen.]


    Duplicated events only happened when I tried to move the SL, iPhone, iPad and new Lion default calendars into one. I only need one calendar. Those were easy enough to fix, if somewhat time-consuming.


    I've had some really weird Address Book problems. Sometimes I open up Contacts on my iPhone (which is where I use this data the most) and find that somebody's address information is attached to some completely diffferent contact, not even adjacent alphabetically, or even added even in the same year. Like sombody who lives in Florida now has the address of somebody who lives in Manhattan. At least I haven't LOST any contacts that I've noticed.


    Yes, I've been thinking of trying Google, which I used very effectively with every phone I had before the iPhone, but am concerned that it's not going to properly sync the data with all of my iDevices and Mac. I think Apple will work on making this better, as it's more visible to the world at large when syncing isn't working -- as opposed to the complaints about iCal inconveniences made by us puny end users.

  • keith daniel1 Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I agree with EVERYBODY that wants the ability to set a default time.

    This is absurd.  I have an entire calendar (since upgrading to 10.7) that defaults to ENTIRE DAY!!!!



    So far... I've seen almost nothing in Lion that I like better than 10.6

    Apple seems insistent on taking away things (like visibility of the Library folder by default).

    And dumbing down everything they don't take away.


    I have to say... This may be my last Mac (depending on how they screw up the next Macbook Pros.


    I'm not impressed Apple!

  • daniel1956 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I add my vote for a default event duration that works in month view too!  I hardly ever need to create all day events and always use month view.


    This is a no brainer Apple.  Just do it!

  • schoodle Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    There has got to be a way to get the Apple developers to listen to us.


    Recently, I called Apple about an iCal issue on Lion. The first CS (Customer Service) agent was so clueless that she disconnected me, by accident I'm sure, when she couldn't help me and said she was transfering me to a senior adviosr. I heard a click and then the line went dead. I waited for an hour and got no call back, even though I'd given that CS agent my phone number, just in case we were disconnected (it's happened before more than once). At least I'd remembered to ask for a case number.


    I finally called Apple Support back and wait for another 26 minutes before getting another low level CS agent. When I did, I complained about the **** poor service I'd receieved, the incompetance of the first agent, and the being disconnected to boot - with no call back. I was then told they were very busy, for some unknown reason, and she apologized for my being disconnected. I said that's no excuse for someone not calling me back! She said she'd get a senior agent on the line immediately. I told her not to disconnect herself from the call until there was actually someone on the line I could speak with. She did do that, though we both waited on the line for about 10 minutes. Then the senior agent I got was rather shocked after reading the notes on my case saying the first agent didn't seem to know what she was talking about at all. Nothing she had me do would fix my issue. Really? No kidding, as though I hadn't already figured that out.    I managed to kept my cool tho since he wasn't the focus of my anger. I asked him to please tell me what I needed to know fix my problem. He told there was no fix for the iCal issue yet. What a wasted morning!


    #%^&*#*!  I hate Lion!


    I need to find an older Air that can run SL. All these 10.7 issues remind me of Leopard, which was a total bust too, full of bugs.


    Apple, you need to listen to your customers!

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    Apple needs to sort this ASAP.


    I'm seeing all my end of day events leaking into my following day every signle day (unless I change the end date of all my meetings by time and date).


    Every day when I wake up in the morning I see events or jobs from the previous day that are finished which distracts me from the day ahead!!!


    This is pure confusion as I keep thinking that dinner with certain people is on the day that I'm looking at - not the best way to start my day.


    Also who on earth has 8 hour meetings every day????


    Did no one at Apple spot this?? Plain weird how you cannot set a deault.


    We need help!! Please hear us Apple!! At least before I have to hit the Xanax due to the stress of mental non-completion of the previous days tasks....

  • B.Y. Low Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    I agree - another vote for default settings in iCal.


    I can't even use terminal to set the default script as there is no such file in Lion.  The familiar Users/library/ is gone too.


    If not for iCloud syncing between devices, I would have gone back to Snow Leopard which to me is the ultimate.