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  • Scott Atchley Level 4 (2,225 points)

    I can't even use terminal to set the default script as there is no such file in Lion.  The familiar Users/library/ is gone too.

    It is still there. Apple has hidden it like it does the Unix directories (/usr, /bin, /sbin, etc.). To see it in Finder, click on the Go menu, select Go to Folder option, and enter "~/Library". ~ is a Unix shortcut for "my home directory" (aka /Users/<my_name>).


    I can only assume that they hid it because people were changing things in it (e.g. plists) without understanding what they were doing.

  • keith daniel1 Level 1 (30 points)

    You can also do OPTION + GO TO... menu (hold the option key before clicking the menu) and LIBRARY folder will show up.

  • B.Y. Low Level 1 (45 points)

    Thank you Scott!!! Now I have my library back!

  • B.Y. Low Level 1 (45 points)

    Thanks Keith, I like your option.. pretty cool

  • Joey Delli Gatti Level 1 (65 points)

    Agreed.  I HATE that we're moving towards a giant iPad.  If I want an iPad, I'll buy one.  I want to keep the full functionality, look, and feel of my Mac.  I want Exposé back to normal too.

  • diedoggie Level 1 (0 points)

    Add my vote for being able to set defaults.


    I mainly use iCal for setting up meetings so having to change the time for EVERY SINGLE appointment is a pain.

  • gilbr Level 1 (0 points)

    Another vote for fixing this, really annoying!

  • gilbr Level 1 (0 points)

    The terminal solution doesn't solve the problem from this thead.

  • enb14 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yet another vote. Like many people, I use my calendar almost exclusively in Month view, and it's ridiculous that I every time I create a meeting I have to uncheck All Day and then correct the end date which has been pushed to the next day thanks to the default eight-hour event length.


    This is just inexcusably sloppy work from a formerly great company.

  • macdai Level 1 (10 points)

    It's still a great company (look at the alternatives) but I have given up waiting for a fix and installed Fantastical which provides a slick front-end to the otherwise excellent iCal and now makes it a pleasure to use (don't often open iCal any more!)

  • MrStinkeye Level 1 (0 points)

    This "feature" bugs me to no end.  Most of my calendar events are short duration so defaulting to "all-day" means I must edit practically every event or reminder I add.


    When you un-check the "all-day" box iCal "defaults to "from" and "to" times to 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM respectively.  More editing ensues.  Finally I have an accurate record that my last haircut was on Friday at 2:00 PM and it took exactly 22 minutes from when I walked in the door til I walked back out of the door.  (I'm retired.  Haircuts and recording when the grass cutters were last here are major events for me.)


    Anyway, here is what I found.  A good number here advocated entering something like the following Terminal command:   defaults write 'Default duration in minutes for new event' 30


    Results were mixed.  It sort of works. In "Week" display, I add a New Event and its duration is 30 minutes.  So, no problem, right?


    In "Month" display, it's a slightly different result.  A New Event defaults to "all-day" or 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM if you un-check it.  Ugh!  There's all the bothersome editing again.


    However, if you make one small change in the way you enter the New Event... say, Haircut at 2:00 PM.  The newly created event now is set up as a timed event with a "from" time (in this case 2:00 PM) and a "to" time (2:30 PM because of default of minutes set in the Terminal command).


    Problem fixed?  For some, maybe.  It works for me.  Granted, it's nothing more than a work-around.  For others, not so much.  The following agrument could also be made.  If you're already entering the event with the start time why not just keep on typing and enter the end time as well  i.e.  Haircut at 2:00 PM to 2:20 PM.


    What I really think is that Apple needs to give us the more default settings in iCal (like default timed event rather than "all-day", default duration).  Then I would consider this "problem" fixed.

  • macdai Level 1 (10 points)

    I've (sort of) given up on using iCal directly as I have no desire to try and fix it with a Terminal workaround. I suspect Apple will do something with some future upgrade.


    I have found an elegant solution which suits me but still uses the otherwise excellent iCal. "Fantastical" (App Store) is instantly available via the Menu Bar and allows plain language entry and viewing or amending without ever opening iCal itself .... job done!

  • jenskar2 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm sorry -- I don't want to be a programmer to have iCal events start out as a default of one hour when that is what they are supposed to be. 

    So -- we're stuck with the 8 hour duration unless we what?  Plain English for us regular folks please?

  • MrStinkeye Level 1 (0 points)

    If you use the double-click method while in Month view to create a new event then, yes, you are stuck with it defaulting to "all-day" (8-hour duration).


    I've been using the Create Quick Event button (the "+" button located in the upper left next to the Calendars button).  When entering the new event also specify the time  i.e.  Swimming class at 3:00 PM.  The event will be created as a timed event using the default duration which "should" be 1 hour.  If the new event isn't for the current day then you can provide the date as well  i.e.  On 5/29 Swimming class at 3:00 PM.


    This may not be an elegant solution to this annoyance that Apple has given to us but it will save you some editing of your calendar events.

  • pipkin0101 Level 1 (0 points)

    While I have gotten used to entering the time when creating the event (for exmple "Swimming class at 3:00pm"), occasionally I forget, and then when I uncheck "all-day" sometimes the event ends the NEXT day, which is even more annoying. This might have something with the time of most of my iCal events, which is in the evening. Work-related stuff doesn't go into iCal, because at work I am required to use Outlook. That's actually just fine with me 'cause I don't want work and personal stuff intermixed.


    The point here is that I just discovered that if I change the starting and ending time of the day (on the General tab of Preferences) -- I tried Noon and 1pm, if I forget to put in the time, at least the event doesn't continue until the next day when I edit it to uncheck all-day.


    What would be even better would be if I could make the day start at 8pm and end at 11:59pm the same day. And of course for "all-day" not to be the default. Instead, it would be nice if I could put in a default start time for events, which would be 8pm.


    While I realize a 3rd party calendar might be able to do this for me, I am concerned that it might not sync perfectly with my iPhone, iPad and iPods, and whether or not my existing subscriptions would function correctly. I am otherwise completely satisfied with iCal and prefer not to spend money to fix what is honestly just a minor annoyance. (Granted, one they never should have forced down our throats.)

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