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I simply can not get access to my equations. I have many presentations madeon keynote (when i had snow leopard). I updated to lion. Now i cant manage the equation on my presentation. It is a disaster!!!!. I need urgently an answer. It is disapointing how apple failled with such a basic stuff.

Mac OS X (10.7), Keynote does not recognize MathType
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    We haven't received any reports about difficulty in using Keynote with MathType on Lion. We'd like to help; can you give more information? Is the situation that you have an old presentation and you cannot see the equations when you open it up in Lion, or that you cannot edit the equations? Or something else? Please provide as much information as you can, including your versions of Keynote (I'm assuming '09) and MathType (it needs to be 6.7). If you can send us one of the presentations that's not working, that will help too.


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    I would also like to add that I'm having some difficulties lately with Mathtype and iWork.  If I load up Keynote and Mathtype and type some equations in, it works as it should.  However, after a certain bit of time, when I close out of a Mathype equation that destined for Keynote, my equation square in Keynote returns blank and I have to quit Keynote for it to work again.  And what's more strange, is that lately Mathtype and Keynote will occasionally not work at all.  When I ask to insert a Mathtype equation, Mathtype won't even pop out.  I have to Log Out and Log In to get them working again.  I have verified and repaired all of the permissions so I don't know what to do.  Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for reporting this. However, it seems like this may require more than one question and one reply, so working by email would likely be a more efficient solution. Please email us at support at dessci dot com (making it a normal email address of course). It's critical that you provide full information -- not only exactly the steps you're performing in Keynote, but your product version numbers (OS X, Keynote, and MathType), as well as your MathType Product Key.


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