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Please help:

I have an iPod, click wheel, and a palmOne Zire 72
running iTunes and RealPlayer 10.5. I need to set the default media player to iTunes.

After trying to set it through Preferences, even logged in as Administrator, an error still occurs. I resorted to the registry, 'program access and defaults', and file associations.

Nothing has worked on this Win XP SR-2 setup. Any tips ?

dell, Windows XP
  • b noir Level 9 (72,060 points)

    okay, i've seen this reported sometimes when MS Antispyware was running during a itunes install or upgrade.

    i've seen reinstalling/upgrading itunes while antispyware and antivirus applications were switched off fix this. but it might be worth (in your case) first trying a repair install of itunes while you've got antivirus and antispyware switched off.

    reboot the PC. switch off the antivirus and antispyware applications. go to your Add/Remove Programs control panel. select itunes. click "change/remove". click "repair".

    keep us posted.

    love, b
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    I'll give that a try. Strange that only iTunes would complain though...