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Macaby Level 3 (910 points)

Anyone know if airport security treats the iPad the same as a computer (to be placed in a separate bin for xray).  I would sure like to go through security without dragging it out.

  • Alancito Level 6 (11,095 points)

    For U.S. airports, the Transportation Security Administration says THIS and: "Small electronics, such as iPods, can remain in carry-on baggage." (Source)


    And there's a forum discussion on the subject HERE.



  • Tgara Level 4 (3,545 points)

    The link Alancito provided apply to laptops that are carried in specialized bags that include see-through compartments.  The link is more about the bags than anything else.  Moreover, the reference to "small electronics" refers to iPODS not iPADS.


    When I've flown recently (domestic flights in the US), I asked the TSA folks how they wanted to deal with the iPad.  They all said to remove it from the bag and place it in a separate bin.  So yes, they appear to be treating the iPad like a laptop. 

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    I've flown many times with my iPad throughout Europe and in most cases I've had to put the iPad in a seperate tray, as if it were a laptop.


    Occasionally, they haven't bothered, but in most cases they have.

  • Tamara Level 6 (13,730 points)

    I've just left my iPad in my carry on bag and so far TSA has never asked me to take it out.

  • mojo909 Level 1 (0 points)

    Flown 6 times within the USA with my iPad and have never had to remove it from my carry-on bag ...

  • Macaby Level 3 (910 points)

    Sorry, I meant to mark your reply as correct although in this matter, it really depends on who and what the airport screeners believe it the correct way to handle this matter.


    On my next trip, I'm going to leave in my carryon bag and test the "waters".  If they give me any s***, I'll tell them it's just a bigger Touch.