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    Carlo TD,  your replies are starting to come across as put downs (even if not intended to be). My router's a year old and there's nothing wrong with it. Doubtful that my particular router needs replacing when thousands of people around the world, running Lion on different machines, and as both upgrades and pre-installs, are experiencing the same problem, which they've made an effort to pinpoint down to something with the OS. Granted, whatever the bug is doesn't affect ALL machines, but it affects a substantial number of them across a diverse enough population (statistically significant).


    I see the point you're making, but when someone spends money on a product that is marketed as high quality and reliable (particularly if it's one that touts the benefits of doing everything wirelessly), and is paying a substantial premium for that supposed quality and reliability, and is paying for a warranty on top of that, it's perfectly logical that they'd assume that what they're buying will be high quality and reliable, and they have the right to expect that.


    WiFi's a pretty basic thing. And as torndownunit suggests, if Apple knew that Lion was going to cause people problems, they should've said something. If, for example, it's been designed and tested for Apple routers only, they should've said so, and then at least I could've made an informed decision about whether I want to invest in a Lion machine or upgrade to Lion. If they didn't know about this problem when it was released, then they should be working their butts off now to fix this. It's not like Apple doesn't have the money to pay people to look into it - they hired all sorts of new engineers to fix their iPhone antenna problem.

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    Not trying to put down anyone, although there were a few times I carefully worded what I said.

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    Carlo TD


    Your recurring comments of absolute no value are indeed excellent, in the sense that they provoke people that had this funny problem for months (we have a one year celebration lining up in June). This means there will be more people posting comments which again means the thread might grow larger than any other thread in history!


    This is obviously positive because it could mean that the ostrichs-with-their-head-deep-down at Apple _might_ wake up ?


    Anyway, it is beyond any doubt that many have reported / confirmed that this is an Apple Lion problem only, since all these other devices are running perfectly on all those router-networks around the world. We have 6 devices connected here, and all are connected 24-7, except the Lion machine.


    So we should start to contact journalists, one each, and have them write about this new "antenna issue". Can be fun.



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    Carlo, I've brought this up with you before, but the one glaring issue that get's glanced over in this thread is that there are quite a few of us in this thread having this problem with brand new machines, and had the problems right out of the box.  I had it as soon as I booted up, and the machine attempted it's first software update to the preinstalled Lion.  It dropped the connection a bunch of times during the update.    Through a mish-mash of tips in this thread, I was able to get things working.... but I really don't know what finally did it.  I have stuck at 10.7.2 to be cautious because I don't want to risk an update 'breaking' it again.  It will have to stay that way until I can feed an ethernet cable up from my basement as a 'backup'.


    My router is running current firmware, and it was replaced a year ago.  It's performed flawlessly in that time, and still is with any other device.


    I am not unique in this thread either, there are a bunch of people like me who didn't run into this problem updating Snow Leopard.  We had the problem on machines with a fresh install of Lion.   

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    Well thanks I will continue to post comments of absolute no value. By any chance have you directly had contact with Apple to assist you in your dilemas?

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    No, but I have a Windows computer that is doing what I tell it to do, so all is well. C

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    See if it was me... I would seat belt my imac in my passenger seat, and drive an hour (even two) and demand it be fixed, (I would set up an appointment - and If I needed to leave it there a week I would do that.) I would also take my router there if needed.  And I would even pay for what ever I needed if something was needed, even upgrading my router, my modem and do what I could to solve the problem my self. I use to have ( a long time ago, before I got the first gen refirb timecapsule, a regular first gen time capsule - and it went bad, so I got a refirbished one. Another time, I was having terrible terrible slow connection, and thought something was wrong, and did drive my imac two hours away only to find that a software from my external hard drive was hogging up system resources. The Apple Store deleted it, and things went back to normal.

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    ...a number of people around the world have called Apple's tech support team, and gone to the Genius Bar, and done whatever else they can (as many have also said in various threads on this).

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    ...and many have got their problems fixed.

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    So you just like to get us Apple folks all rowled up? I got my eye on you.

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    We must be reading a different thread then.  I haven't seen a single post were someone completely resolved the problem taking a machine to the store or using tech support.  Some people had success for a day at the most when getting their machines home, only for the problem to return.  And the entire time were told by both the Genius Bar and tech support that it wasn't a real problem.


    Look at this post in another thread.  It's a very good summary of what kind of support people are getting with this issue:

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    I think this is the only other thread I see



    oh... just found this one also...



    but the original poster got their problem solved.


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    Dear torndown, really, it's useless trying to talk to Carlo TD.  The only way to shut him up is to ignore him. Unfortunately, it's either his job to be on this thread (e.g. paid by Apple) or he has no life and some weird fixation.


    So he is always jumping in first and telling new folks the same nonsense.  Even on the thread you pointed to, he is in there trying to blame everyone except Apple.  And in his or her sarcastic, sniping way - especially for those new to this issue - sending them on a ridiculous runaround, and even shilling for them to buy MORE Apple upgrades and equipment. Shameless but apparently incorrigible and uncorrectable.


    Numerous people on this thread and others have been to Apple Care and the so-called Genius Bar and I don't know a single person for whom this issue has been solved except on a very temporary basis.  I am a longtime Apple user and lover and pretty tech savvy.  It's not my router, which is a new Apple router.  (It happens on every router I try to access.)   It's not my neighbor's phone.  (It happens everywhere I travel.)  It's not my settings.  (I've tried every possible configuration recommended and been to the Genius bar and confirmed they were correct; reinstalled, tried every fix; they were baffled.)


    I have both a 2011 MacBook Pro that had GREAT wifi til I upgraded to Lion, and an Air on which Lion came pre-installed.  Both have the same issue - and it clearly dates from the install of Lion.  But people can't see what they WON'T see, you see?  So Carlo is a hopeless case.  I just try to prevent others from wasting a lot of time listening to his BS.  Please just IGNORE Carlo TD's postings; he is not trying to help, he is trying to convince you that YOU are the problem.


    The only fix I have heard of that holds is to downgrade the OS.  Shame on Apple ... it's been close to a year.

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    I really do not know what I did to you!!!!!!

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    Carlo, are you seriously interested in knowing what you've done?  Just in case, (though I doubt it):  you continuously and repeatedly put people down who are only trying to solve a legitimate issue with a critical and expensive prduct.  You refuse to acknowledge IT IS A PROBLEM WITH LION OS, suggest THEY must be the problem (or too stupid to understand) and send them running to find other "causes," which is a waste of time.  Your attitude, whether intentional or not, is disrespectful, as if everyone else on the thread is an idiot who doesn't know what they are talking about, or a whiner who should relish the thought of buying more equipment and software to fix something that should have worked in the first place. 


    In fact, many of us are quite experienced users.  You blame the USER for a problem that is generated by Apple's defective Lion OS.  You defend what is indefensible:  that a substantial number (if not the majority - certainly everyone I know and I know hundreds of Apple users) of Lion users are having this issue, which dates from the EXPENSIVE upgrade of their computer and/or operating system and no other source. 


    You refuse to acknowledge that Apple should be working their butts off to solve this, not making excuses and blaming their customers.  Instead, you pile on.  When people who are NOT that confident about technology read your posts, they are likely to feel they have done something dumb and waste a lot of time, or make the problem worse or waste money and time trying your various unhelpful "solutions."  That is just adding unnecessary distress to an already frustrating situation.  That's what you've done.


    Why don't you put your substantial energy into trying to get Apple to actually SOLVE the issue instead of blaming users and trying to get people to buy upgrades or do ridiculous work-arounds that don't work?  (Why should anyone be confident that the next upgrade will work, when Apple has been so neglectful about fixing this one?) 


    At least acknowledge that customers have a right to expect that a product they purchase from Apple (at a premium price) will work, and work flawlessly.  Lion does not, and Apple has not fixed it.  Your refusing to see or acknowledge the facts is infuriating and damaging to the conversation.  That's what you've done.  (So please quit.)