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    Actually, this fixes only the problem when accessing a WLAN with a single base station. Problem persists on WLAN networks with multiple base stations..

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    FYI. Here is the follow-up.

    Received yesterday the brand new iMac i5 with Lion.

    Same problem again.. Hopefully my MBP with SL is still running smoothly.

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    The first two weeks with Lion, Wi Fi was fine. Not even slow. That was both before and after installing the 10.7.1 update. Then one day I turn it on -- after the system's been set for a week with no installs etc., and boom can't get to internet. Power cycled a few times. Started some trouble shooting. Tried dubious stuff from the boards like pram and smc reset, airport delete, sys config folder delete, all the above mentioned . . . .


    I have tried everything, even calling.  And here's the kicker!!!!!!!!


    I can open Parallels, with WinXP simulated and go on the net with Firefox -- not cahced sites-- it's emptied on exit. I can do new searches etc. I've never done and the web responds.  Go over to Lion and Safari, Firefox, even SoftwareUpdate all complain. Then I use the apple network diagnostic -- all fine it says.


    On this home wi fi, I also have a PC, working with internet just fine. And I have a Mac running Tiger -- also working just fine with the internet.


    LION is clearly having issues. I just hope they figure it out for the next release -- and send me a cd or something, although I guess I could download a fix through parallels here and move it over and run it on the mac side.


    Anyhow, I'll add that I logged onto my router -- it sees my machine (which I figured since winxp on parallels inside the mac can get to the net), and its IP add and MAC add agree with what I have in Network Preferences. I opened terminal and I can ping my router. I checked security logs and found request, offer, ack,  nothing too fishy looking (time zone was set wrong though).


    Anyhow I thought at first I was just unhappy with iCal in Lion. Now I know a greater misery.

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    Well, after reading all the various posts about resetting this on the router and powering off that, trashing network configs and tossing that folder, etc., and still seeing people have limited success making the wifi connection stick, it seems to me the most reliable solution is walk to refrigerater and open bottle of wine and learn to live in the real world.


    Once I get the connection going and STAY online, I'm good. It often means restarting my iMac and then things are fine (knock on wood). But if I'm off working on the next Great American Novel, I'll get booted for lapsed online use. Does anyone know if running a site that routinely updates its site somehow trick the Mac into thinking the user is busy online, so leave the wifi link alone?


    I sure hope Apple fixes this. I somehow think it will, in its time. Meantime, I guess I'll just be restarting my mac a lot more until then.


    Sorry I can't offer any help in this area. Only my sympathies and dreams for a better day.

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    This is crazy, I have work to do and lion x keeps dropping my internet.  Get this crap fix and fast apple engineers.  I should had stuck with snow leopard a bit longer.  Arg!!!

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    This download fixed my issues.


    About OS X Lion Update 10.7.1 (Client)

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    Similar problem to you on exactly the same Mac - running 64bit.   I run 3 x APE's from my Netgear Dual Band Router. Added 4Gb Ram then went from Snow Leopard to Lion and to latest ITunes 10.4.1


    Then - random Air Tunes crashes and restarts. Usually off air for about 15-30secs at a time - v.irritating.

    ITunes is playing OK via computer all the time , all APE's show green, router OK, internet OK all 5 lights on Router up no faults.


    I checked my Network settings and changed back from Automatic to Home, configured IPv6 to Link local only

    from Auto then double checked the individual APE settings using the latest AirPort utility 5.5.3.

    (Open the Base Station tab and ensure that whatever you have called the station has .local after it. (eg  Lounge.local)).


    Problem Gone.

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    Unfortunately, even after installing 10.7.1, it still does the exact same thing. It is not the wifi that actually drops, it is the Internet connection. However, restarting the airport fixes it. I tried pretty much every fix on this thread and it had at most temporary success.

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    Same problem having installed 10.7.1 and i guees is worse. It stay very short time less than 2 minutes. Is a shame, i cannot do anything having the 27 inches iMac. Im very frustrated because my production rhythm is getting slowly. I cannot believe how Lion is so bad version OS. FaceTime never connects, iChat disconnect arbitrarly from Gtalk, the new features with very poor performance in this great iMac. Is absurd that my Samsung Galaxy S II with Android is getting better and better than my new iMac.

    Any solutions take effects for me. Waiting for 10.7.2

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    The french site MacGeneration just published this:

    D'après nos premiers tests, OS X 10.7.2 règle tout ou partie des problèmes WiFi de Lion, sur Mac portables (testé sur un MacBook Air et un MacBook 2010) et de bureau (testé sur un Mac mini 2011). Les premières builds de la 10.7.2 ne réglaient rien, mais la dernière version, à laquelle les développeurs ont accès, a fait d'énormes progrès.
    Bref, cette 10.7.2 devrait régler les problèmes de WiFi de Lion. Et ce n'est pas trop tôt, ces problèmes étant récurrents à chaque mise à jour majeure d'OS X depuis Tiger.


    Based on our initial tests, OS X 10.7.2 fix all or most of the WiFi problems Lion on Mac laptops (tested on a MacBook Air and MacBook 2010) and desktop (tested on a Mac mini 2011). The first builds of 10.7.2 did not solve anything, but the latest version, to which developers have access, has made a tremendous progress.

    In short, this version should solve the problems 10.7.2 WiFi Lion. And it's about time as these problems are recurring with every major release of OS X since Tiger.

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    I Am experiecing the same exact issue and the only way to fix this is turning off the wi-fi then turninng it on again! But then this lasts for 10 mins, before the issure re-occurs, once more. I don't have any other solutions, from breifly reading someones trail and error, changing of router wouldnt fix this issue as I have 2 other machines conncected to the same network and both machines are under windows 7 and there is no issues at all everything just seamlessley working!!


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    I have a Mac OS leopard in an old machine that sits on my "home office" room, which I'll just call "server". It has all media (photos, music, videos) and files that are shared to my MBP and for my wife's MBAir, not to mention iPad, IPhone, and Apple TV, and time machine that runs in this server.

    I normally use "share screen" feature to control some activities that run on the server remotely. Before Lion upgrade, it was really straightforward, connect to the ASUS RT-13N wireless, and in seconds the server would appear under shares on the left hand side of finder window. Just click on it and them in share screen and I was controlling the remote server.

    After Lion upgrade in my MBP, it stopped working. The server don't appear as a share anymore. 

    After a long session of troubleshooting, things that I discovered:

    - my wife's MBAir still in Snow Leopard and the sharing works as always worked with ASUS  wireless;

    - if I use a wired connection with ASUS, the share works just fine in my Lion MBP 

    - if I connect my MBP using a secondary wireless router I have for coverage purposes (D-Link DIR-825) the share works just fine as well


    I've tried every possible wireless configuration within ASUS, including copy every advanced setting from the D-Link router, removing security, but nothing worked.


    So for me is pretty clear that Lion has an issue with ASUS wireless, and based on all the forums I've been during troubleshooting, probably it is not only with ASUS, but seem a major issue with wireless in Lion.


    So Apple, what's the plan?

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    Yep, Whats the Plan Apple?

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    VVesa wrote:


    Actually, this fixes only the problem when accessing a WLAN with a single base station. Problem persists on WLAN networks with multiple base stations..

    Uncheck the "Ask to join new networks" option in the system settings to prevent the Mac from connecting unwanted to a network.



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    So where is this mythological 10.7.2 update, which I've heard fixes all our wifi troubles, or at least most of them?


    Sure, I can and I  turn off wifi, then turn it back on from the menu bar, and that re-establishes my connection. I'm now  trying the advice of lupunus and hoping that will providing more sustained connections but really I come back to the same question: When can we expect the update that fixes the wifi snag?

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