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Question: Memory leaks in Lion?

I have a lot of problems after upgrade to Lion, some indicate suspected memory leaks. I've had problems with several applications like iMovie, Safari, Firefox etc. The computer gets slower and slower. Stopping all applications doesn't help, reboot is required.

I've recently registered as an (paying) iOS developer but I have major problems with Xcode as well. Xcode 4 is extremely slow, especially if I haven't rebooted for a while. I even get build problems and other strange problems that has no connection whatsoever to the code I've written. I get build problems that I can't understand the cause of, I reboot and the build in Xcode is successful without any modifications.

I only have 2GB memory so that can explain some of the problems but I haven't ran out of virtual memory as far as I know. I'll try an upgrade to 4GB on my late 2008 MacBook. Anyway, I suspect bugs in Lion.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7)

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Aug 7, 2011 2:39 PM in response to Hans Palm In response to Hans Palm

The exact same thing is happening to me since upgrading to Lion, and I have 8GB of memory. I find I now need to reboot every few hours in order to get minimum usability of the system now. Checking Activity Monitor regularly, I often find just 500K of memory left--and that's after closing just the few programs that were opened.

To say this is an inconvenience is an understatement; it's debilitating to performance and efficiency.

I also have a strange little thing that kind of precedes all this, revealed in a slight delay in typing the first character after just a brief cessation of typing. Meaning, if I'm not typing for a few minutes, then type, for example, "Hello World," what actually appears is "ellHo World." It drives me insane. I've found a few other references to this in search, but nothing relating to Lion as yet--and none of this happened with Snow Leopard.

Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.

Aug 7, 2011 2:39 PM

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Question: Memory leaks in Lion?