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I've recently bought a new thunderbolt 13" macbook air and I love it. 


One issue I'm having though is that the backlight on the display seems very uneven. 


I brought it back to the apple store and have been provided a replacement machine, but even the replacement has the same issue. I'm considering returning the laptop if this is just how these are designed. This is not the quality I have come to expect.


Has anyone else noticed this on their 13" 2011 macbook air?  Should I try for another replacement?


I've taken a picture of it with my iphone.  The uneveness is evident along the bottom of the screen and I've added a red box around it.



The darkness on the left and right side of the screen is not evident when using

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7), 13"
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    I am experiencing the same issue. same uneveness in the same area of the screen.


    At first I though it was an optical illusion: I am used to using a macbook pro which has a black border and thought the silver border of the macbook air was causing an optical distortion.


    However, putting the two machines next to each other I can clearly see that my Macbook Air has this issue.


    (Like you, I am not sure what to do. I am going to go into a macstore in the next week and check the other 13inch macbook airs on display to see if they are the same...)

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    I have exactly the same thing, also macbook air 13". Its even more visible with all the swiping animations in lion. I'll check some other macbook airs in a store too and then decide what to do.

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    have a new macbook air 13" with same issue on the bottom of my screen glad to see i'm not the only one.

    I might take it the Apple store and see what they say.

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    I just got my macbook 13 inch and am experiencing the same issue.  I have used the macbook air 11 inch, which does not seem to have this problem.  Does apple replace screens or the entire unit for such a situations.  It is pretty annoying because I do a lot of design work on it.

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    I have the macbook air 2011 13 with the same issue. Seems that is is a common issue in all the macbook airs.

    Anyone went to the Apple store?

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    I have noticed the same issue as well, the backlight is not consistent at the bottom and looks darker.

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    I have the same issue on my 13" MBA (October 2011)...

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    Same issue with 2 MBA 11 (2011) Nov 2011 LG LCD

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    I am having the same issue as above. And I just bought this Macbook Air Mid 2012. Since being in Inida dont really have a choice but to stick with it. No 14 day Apple return policy here. Mine is not so bad as the above example. Just have one bright area but is very noticeable while swiping between full screen Apps. The strange thing is that this does not seem to be backlight bleeding as on a black background you hardly see the bright area.

    By the way I have a Samsung display and a Toshiba SSD.

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    The above picture shows the bright area at the bottom of the screen. Looks like a headlight shining from below. This is around 50% brightness although at 100% the effect is somewhat reduced. Is there anyway to fix this?

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    sorry to bother you again .I went to the store and asked for replacement.Apple call centre employee is in touch with the store and hopefully it will be done.

    In the picture  posted by you there is a diagonal beam arising at both bottom corners of your screen, being more prominent on left.I have marked it. This is the exact issue on my  2nd 11" air(one received after replacing it because of the headlight problem like yours.)Do you have this on your new system.Is this something i should ask a replacement for.Other system on demo seemed to have this as well.

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    Being very honest with you I don't think you would find a perfect Macbook Air display. Both my Air's have varying degree of problems with the display. I can confirm that the diagonal bar is present, also the display seems to develop problems after a certain amount of use. The display of the macbook air is so thin and that seems to be the heart of the issue.


    Best of luck with your replacement, keep us updated as to how it turns out.

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    do you mean these diagonal beam at corners is present on your newest replacement??....i have deceided to first compare my present air with the replacement i'll be offered and will replace only if the new ones will be better...but thanks for all you qiuck replies

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    The diagonal beam is present on the replacement although it is very faint. However on full brightness you hardly notice it. I have also changed my display profile and that has helped a lot with uneven backlight issue. Have a look at this website it goes indepth regarding the display quality of the Macbook Air.

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