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    I spoke to apple this morning as i am having the same problem. I was told to take my mac in. Advising me that the graphics card needed replacing.  something to do with a macbook video issue

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    Oh really, I'm called them tomorrow to find out more, because if it's a graphic card prob would love to get it repair or replaced. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Thank you for contacting Apple.

    Your support Advisor, ******, has a follow-up message for you:



    please find attached an article on the issue and the link to the retail page


    he advised me that altho my screen doesnt go black or grey..  My macbook certainly has video issues and it is in the time line of effected macbooks and not all macbooks will display the same issue, some will vary, he also said they can do a quick test to find out if there is a graphics problem..  (id like to know what the quick test is)  .  I also have issues with my mac freezing every now and then which is **** annoying.... 

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    I don't live near an Apple Store, so I took my MBP into a local "Apple Service Center" to get this issue resolved. I gave them the KB thread ID as well as this thread for reference. They contacted Apple, who had them run "the diagnostics required to determine if my MBP qualifies for repair" to fix the video graphics issue, and my MBP passed all diagnostics. So, now what? I'll be getting my MBP back today, but will continue to have the iMovie issues, with no hope of getting this resolved.


    I sure hope others have better luck than I had with this.

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    Mine passed as well. So what i did was made a SL on my drive and when ever I need to to export the movie I do it through there. I havent got one artifact when encoding in SL, so its a lion software problem that they really need to fix. It's a sloppy work around but it works.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I've created a Snow Leopard partition, reinstalled iMovie '11 on the SL partition, and exported my movie, and now I'm back to things working correctly. Too bad it had to come to this, but fortunately all my iMovie events and projects are stored on an external hard drive so that both partitions (Lion and SL) have access to the same data.

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    I posted my original input in August.  Yesterday I call the support desk on another issue, and asked if Apple has come up with a fix for this issue.  Surprisingly, the tech told me that they "do not recognize it as an issue".  I was dismayed, since I had called it in back in July. 


    I spent almost 3 hours yesterday working with the support person over the phone, and he captured a bunch of data from my computer for further analysis.  He told me he will get back to me once he hears more.  I am not going to assume someone is working on it.  I am going to keep on their case.





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    I have the same experience. See my post in the other thread




    I called the Apple Support Center. The solution was to reset the boot and user cache  or something similar... but no changes... the artifacts are still there! Now they are recommending to install Snow Leopard on a USB HD to ensure that there are no hardware defects. I will report later on this.....


    However, I was supprised that they told me that I'm the only user with this problem. I can't believe that? What's your experience?


    In the meanwhile I tried to run Snow Leopard on a USB disk. Everything works fine as it should be. Therefore, it's definetly a problem of Lion and not of the hardware!

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    I just posted the following on another thread.


    I posted my own question on this before I found this thread.


    I don't think this is a video card issue. I can export the video and play the exported file in a different machine and the artifacts are still there. If it was a video card issue, the artifacts would be gone.


    Also, it appears to be happening with many different applications—iMovie, iDVD, aperature, firefox, and I'm having problems lately in photoshop as well—so it's not an application problem. It must be either hardware other than video card, or OS-related.

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    I thought I was going bonkers. I've just "upgraded" my Mac Pro to Lion 10.7.2 and am having exactly the same problem with the "Pixie Dust" titles. Basically, the first opening title using "Pixie Dust" is fine but on later uses of it the text looksPixie Dust.jpg like this.


    It should say "Apr 2009 - In the Garden" in white. It's as if sombody has striked through the line. My graphics is Intel HD3000, but I am about to try a ATI 6770 to see if that makes any difference. It shouldn't as why would it use the graphics card to do encoding? Surely, it's just the processor doing all the work.


    I've encoded it via iMovie using standard settings and also custom quicktime. And then I tried pulling it in using Media Browser in Toast Titanium Pro and encoding it and then burning to Bluray - exactly the same problem.


    I'm going to build a drive with Snow Leopard on it and try and see if it encodes properly from there. I'll keep you all posted.


    Thanks, Jason

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    Interesting, I've built another drive with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and it also doesn't work properly. This time though the text is the colour of the background behind it. So either the latest iMovie update has messed something up since I did the first export (quite a while ago) or the HD 3000 is mucking things up. I presume I can just reinstall Imovie to its original version and see if that is the problem.

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    Re-installed iMovie without any patches. Same problem as before. I'm going to dig out an old graphics card later today and will report back.

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    Installed 7600GT back in my Mac Pro, had to boot 32bit OS rather than 64bit OS to get it to work.


    BUT, encoding went fine. So....... somewhere along the line the HD 3000 is screwing up the encoding. Perhaps it uses the card for some of the transitions? Who knows??

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    I want to thank everyone who has posted to the imovie crash problem. From my own experience and those posts I have read, it does appear that the imovie crash problem is related to downloading Lion. The fact that people have taken their computers in for repair and have contacted Apple with no solution is dismaying and disappointing. This problem has been going on for months. Apple needs to fix this, not deny the problem. My enthusiasm about buying anything more from Apple is disappearing unless they resolve this ASAP. If anyone has a solution, please share it.

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    Ummm...this thread doesn't address an iMovie "crash" problem, only a problem with iMovie "noise artifacts" (aka "diagonal lines") in iMovie videos after upgrading to Lion. I for one am able to work around the issue by having created a Snow Leopard partition and using iMovie under SL to render my video - no more "noise artifcats" and no more issues with titles (ex. "Pixie Dust"). Combersome, yes, but at least it works.




    btw: I'm running iMovie on a mid-2010 MacBook Pro: