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Since upgrading to Lion, iCal calender does not sync with mobile me and my iphone does not sync with my mobile me. I have tried to reinstall mobile me but no joy so far. Any one else have similar problems?

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    Yes. iCal does not sync with my iPhone calendar after I upgraded to Lion. The Genius I spoke to said I need to restore my MBP to the factory settings and install Lion again! If anyone finds a patch for this problem, pls post.

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    Hi ronaldfromseattle - I eventually got my iphone an MBA to sync. I created 2 accounts in the mail contacts and calender part of systems pereferences. One under mobileme and the otehr under cal.me.com. So in the Calender app I have 2 accoutns in the calnder icon on the top left hand corner fo the open  application. I unticked the cal.me.com box otherwise I was duplicating everything on my iCal app on the MBA.

    The only thing I cannot get rid off are the double alerts i get for anything I choose to be alerted about.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Jogin: thanks! I also got my sync to work when I found a document on the Apple support page titled: "Mac OS X: Resetting the SyncServices folder". I followed the directions and went to Terminal to enter the command (on one line):


    /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/resetsync .pl full


    After this, I deleted the calendar from the phone, restarted phone, restarted the MBP and then sync'ed only the calendar with the MBP overwriting the phone. The first sync took a long time and I initially thought the problem was still there but later syncs were quick like before. The sync works fine now with a few future calendar entries duplicated 5 or 6 times but these were entered when I was using SL and not Lion so I think (just a guess) that there is a compatibility issue between calendars on SL and on Lion.


    One other point to note: I had a 3rd party calendar app pn the phone that I occasionally used....might not be suitable for Lion? Anyway, that app is GONE now as I just want things to work so no more app experimentation for me!

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    no <space> in "resetsync.pl"