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hi guys


i have a late 2009 , 27'' iMac i7 , gorgeous machine, gorgeous screen, fast & everything BUT & i have this ''beef'' with it ever since i bought it :


  in some instances the fonts are RIDICULOUSLY SMALL & worse, one can't even change them, at least not satisfactoruly !? want to laugh a little ? just check this screen shot of a full-screen Safari window of Apple's own feedback page -




  i mean, i measured them with a caliper ruler & they are EXACTLY 2mm tall - on a screen standing roughly 50cm away from me !? couldn't they AT LEAST be the same size as my name & the rest of the fonts on that screen-shot, is it RREALLY THAT difficult to implement ? or was this decided for fear 27'' screen owners might run out of space .........

  before Lion came out it was widespread on the web that this ''issue'' would be addressed but i already installed Lion &.....NOTHING !?



  this gets even more ridiculous under the recently introduced Lion possibility of running apps in full screen - i mean what's the point ?



  & PLEASE, without wanting to be insulting to no one,  spare me the ''change the resolution'' or the ''zoom in'' half-a***d solutions i already read about elsewhere & tried - that IS NOT the reason why i paid nearly 2000€ for this machine, specially since according to what i read this font size change is EASILY doable on your run of the mill 500€ PC running clunky old Windows, apparently in any of it's incarnations...........


  granted my eyesight is past it's prime but i do wear the correct prescription glasses & at the end of the day should a 2000€ computer put further strain on it ? or actually work with the user ( give him the necessary options.. ) to make his computing experience as pleasant as it's possible ? or is this because ALL 27'' iMac users have 20/20 eyesight ? i wonder....


  any suggestions would be VERY welcome since this REALLY detracts from the pleasure that using this computer IS & i strongly suggest everyone having this issue with their high res 27'' iMacs or high-res displays to write to Apple about it, asking for a solution to this very real problem :




meanwhile if anyone has a REAL solution to this i will be eternally grateful, many thanks

2009 27'' iMac i7, 16GB Ram , Mac OS X (10.7), 2 X 1TB + 2 X 2TB W.Digital USB