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Pretty certain by reading through every forum in the world that the iPad cannot be used as a reliable primary monitor for the new Mac Mini.




Can I use one of those USB touchscreen monitors like the Toshiba or Mimo as the ONLY monitor on the Mini?


I'll use the Mini at home with regular a regular monitor and input devices, BUT I'd really like to use the Mini also for Mainstage with just a small 10"-12" portable monitor.  The only monitors I can find are those brands I mentioned (which are both USB) and though they SAY they're Mac-Compatible, that doesn't necessarily mean that the Mini can use ONLY a USB monitor for the primary display.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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    Very interesting idea. I remember those little displays. It could work since a regular display isn't really required. (headless mac)


    Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Or retailer?


    I don't know of somebody who has one or an immediate first hand account, of running it as a single display, but maybe somebody will respond.

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    I'm afraid of getting into one of those roundabout's where Apple says contact the manufacturer and vice versa.  I read this post which was a bit discouraging, but that was for a 1st gen Mac Mini.  Didn't get anywhere with Apple Pre-Sales today and nobody at the local Apple Store could answer either.

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    Well,  MY broker is E.F. Hutton and HE says....


    (from Mimo, who got back to me immediately, I might add:  )


    "Unfortunately not, our monitors only work as secondary monitors.  There's

    a workaround that Mac Mini users employ, involving setting up their Mimo

    to mirror the main screen and then disconnecting the main monitor...but

    this setup does not survive reboot."


    I've sent inquiries to a few other manufacturers, maybe I should start a new discussion:


    Are there ANY portable monitors for the Mac Mini?"

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    I can confirm that the Mimo can NOT be used as the only monitor.   I don't think any USB monitor can be used as the only monitor, even the USB video adapters.


    I remember a Japanese guy had modded a old Mac Classic, put a 9" LCD and a Mini, lining up the Mini's Superdrive with the floppy slot.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any sources for small monitors.  That was a while ago.  A quick Google now shows some 7" and 10" monitors:


    http://sz-lilliput.en.made-in-china.com/product/uoAxqXMcAeYO/China-7-Touch-Scree n-LCD-Monitor-with-DVI-HDMI-Input.html




    (I have never ordered from any of them and I am not endorsing either.  Caveat emptor.)


    How small of a monitor do you want?  You may be able to find 15" non-wide screen LCDs for really cheap.




    Those are new, but somebody locally may have them cheaper (or free. )  While not the most portable, hard to beat the price if you can find someone upgrading and throwing away their old monitor.

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    Calling Apple wouldn't work, but Mimo would ... and the confirmed it doesn't work as a primary. Unfortunately enough.

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    Good point. There certainly are 9" & 10" VGA displays.

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    Thank you all for your input during this difficult time. (what?) 


    I think I'm jumping ship and just getting the MBP 2.3 i5 and maybe grab a Mimo down the line.  I'm not editing "Anna Karenina, SuperHero-now in 4D" or doing a CAD drawing for M.C. Escher.  I just wanted my mac to be more portable and less conspicuous on stage whilst on a limited budget.  Clearly, the Mini is not the best candidate for the job at this juncture. 


    I'll be over in Logic -> Mainstage if you need me.




    PS.  During the course of my research, I came upon an offering of a 14" Toshiba USB Mobile Monitor.  Those guys are SO nice, they let me speak with at least seven different departments, all of whom where very friendly and business-like and none of whom had any idea what a Mac was. Kudos!