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Hi All,


After changing the host name of my server, I cannot login to manage the server through Server.app from another Mac on the same network. I see the server in the "Choose a Mac" screen but whatever account I try to login with it just rejects the username/password. I made sure the account has privilege to administer the server. I am however able to login using Server.app locally from the server using the same username and password. It used to work fine prior to changing the host name.


Any ideas?

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    Hm... changing the DNS Name of a Server (OSX) is everytime problematic...

    I everytime make a clean install if possible...

    The DNS Name and the IP address is stored in so many services in OSX and the dont like that...

  • JimBo Ha Level 1 Level 1

    I have this same problem. If nobody knows how to fix it in the app can someone please provide clean install instructions for the server app? Or does it have to be a clean install of the whole OS?