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  • ptruce Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi!  I had the same problem with my Onkyo pre-pro.  The solution is to go in the Onkyo setup menu, and select the proper HDMI channel in Digital sound setup.  Not sure of your Onkyo menu tree, but mine was


    Input/Output Setup -> Digital Audio Input


    Kicked myself and then blamed Onkyo for not defaulitng to the HDMI when it is selected for a source, but their system is more flexible.





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    OK I am completely frustrated about this issue and there is also one thing I am not sure I quite understand.


    First my setup: I have an older tv so switched from using HDMI to DVI (this produces the wrong aspect ratio) to more recently a mini display to VGA adapter for video. 


    For audio I tried replacing the stereo jack hooked up to my Onkyo 701 (older model no HDMI yet) with a coaxial cable to get digital sound - a cable that looks like 'mono' on both sides - one 3.5mm and the other what fits into my coax in for my receiver. With this cable I get no sound at all and the midi manager simply shows I switched in in the built in audio from internal to headphones - it does not recognize my receiver as digital  - in fact it does not matter if it is connected to the receiver at all on the other side of the cable - as long as I plug the 'mono' coax cable to the mac mini it shows up as headphones and of course no digiatal audio is produced.


    Everyone here was discussing pluggging in a toslink cable to the audio out on the mac mini (either that or I misunderstood) but the mac mini 2011 does not have direct optical output doesn't it? From my understanidng it has to at least originate as a metal coax (mono 3.5mm) and if you want to hook it up to your receiver using optical in you would need a conversion box along the somewhere. Is that not the case and am I missing something? Perhaps all of the folkx talking about hooking up toslink to the mac mini actually mean hooking up a metal plug that then converts to optical - am I correct? In my case my receiver is old enough that it has coax in so I don't need this conversion, however I get absolutely no output this way (or rather no digital output) and I am wondering if anyone has been able to achieve digital ouput in this manner and if so how did the midi app show that as - in my case headphones but how else would it appear?


    I wish apple did a better job getting this mini and OS ready for it's main purpose of an HTPC = which it is not.


    Thanks would appreciate any reply and comment.

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    The mini does have digital audio out. You need an optical toslink cable to connect the mini with your receiver. This one will work.



    It has two toslink to mini-plug adapters. You just need one that will go into the mini. The other end with no adapter goes into the optical input on the receiver. You can use Prefs/Audio to select this as the output on the mini. You have 3 optical inputs on your Onkyo.


    The new VLC 1.1.12 handles DTS and DD in Lion.

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    Just to be absolutely clear for candybars_2010, the mac mini does have optical input and output as well as conventional wired ones. They share the same physical hole as the normal 3.5 mm jack plug for mic and headphone. The toslink optical cables have two types of end, a sort of square thing and an adapter that makes it look like a 3.5mm jack plug. So if you use the adapter you can plug it into the headphone output socket and the mac mini is clever enough to know if you have plugged in a normal cable or an optical one.


    It does work as thats what I'm using.

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    Thank you I honestly didn't know that - I was convinsed it was a coax metal cable but thanks for clarifying.


    That would make sense why I had no digital audio at all...

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    Now I'm worried.

    I've been using Apple Products since my Apple //e in 1986, so I'm no stranger to Mac's & OSX.

    My 300 disk CD changer died earlier this year & have finally decided to replace it with a 2011 Mac Mini, which I ordered earlier this afternoon.

    My current AVR, a Pioneer Elite VSX36TX that will be 10 years old in the spring has no inputs for HDMI, so my plan is to send the audio from the Mac Mini to the AVR via TOSLINK Optical, and then connect to my Sharp Monitor via an HDMI/DVI Cable (the two HDMI inputs on the monitor are alread occupied by the Verizon FIOS Box & BluRay Player inputs).

    Will this work? Will I be able to get surround sound using this set up?



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    Hello Mark,

    I don't want to let you more warried than this and I am not 100% shure, but for what I see and what is my experience with 2011 Mac Mini I don't think you can make it work with this configuration.

    You can read my posts on the matter here in this blog.


    Good luck,


  • efithian Level 1 (10 points)

    For Mark


    This will probably work, but if it doesn't, use the mindp to dvi adapter for the video. I have a 2011 Mini, a Samsung DLP, and Rotel audio. I run a dvi cable from the Mini to the Samsung (using mpd adapter that came with Mini), and toslink from the Mini to the Rotel. Eveything works fine. If you are using VLC, be sure to get the 1.1.12 version, which is compatible with Lion and does give DD, DTS, and Lossless-DTS.


    I think problems happen when you try to pass HDMI from the Mini to a TV, and audio from the toslink on the Mini to an audio receiver.

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    I have a Hdmi-hdmi setup and I'm still baffeled.  If Audio Midi setup allows me to configure my speakers on a 5.1 setup and I can test each speaker seperately and they work. Why can't I play any test files on Quicktime or utube and have it work in each speaker?

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    I feel your pain. Imay have a little light to shed but a question as well.  I have a LCD, cd player, blu ray, cable box all plugged into a Denon receiver. I also have a laptop plugged into the Denon via an HRT music streamer from laptop USB.  This works absolutely perfectly for playing iTunes or anything over the 5.1.  As well as all other audio needs. However, when I plug the laptop into the tv HDMI port, the video will play fine - But the audio comes out of the tv speakers! Which is wrong.  I am about to dump the toshiba laptop as a media server and buy a new Mac mini for that purpose but looking at this site thought I'd mention the HRT and try and figure out why the audio ain't going where it's supposed to.  Thanks

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    Thanks a good idea... I'll be needing to use two monitors however, does the mini-dvi (thunderbolt on the new ones) support dual monitors by itself? What adapter might be needed? Cant beleive a offical Apple answer hasnt been forthcoming........

  • Los Angeles Punk Level 1 (10 points)

    I use the free Soundflower w/Soundflowerbed .....routes to optical audio through HDMI.....or vid and audio to HDMI.


    Had the same issue with my 2011 Mac mini and Lion.....This solved it.

  • crazy_d Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow...... So just to confirm, Soundflower will route full Dolby or DTS signal through Optical when video is displayed over HDMI? Is it capable of sending audio over both HDMI AND optical at the same time?

  • Los Angeles Punk Level 1 (10 points)

    Not sure about Dolby or DTS....but what it does is take over the Mac sound source selection. When I went from an older C2D Mac mini, to this 2011 I had audio out to my Reciever and HDMI to the TV. When both were plugged in, only HDMI was an available option. I found Soundflower with Soundflowerbox and it solved the issue. I just started using optical out to a DAC and still use HDMI to the TV.....With Soundflower I can choose where the audio goes. Soundflower is bassically what Apple should of added to Lion. Soundflower was designed to send out internally to other programs, for edit etc. Soundflowerbox is an add on that allows you to send audio to different audio devices....

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    Yes it works for me