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  • efithian Level 1 (10 points)

    Durask wrote:


    Why do you use toslink instead of hdmi? As you know toslink does not support lossless surround, what vlc does is transmit lossy dts core in lossless dts stream


    I did not know that! (Johnny Carson imitation) I guess I will just use standard DTS from now on and same some disk space. I use toslink since my current audio processor is sort of old and doesn't have hdmi inputs (Rotel).

  • dfbills Level 2 (190 points)

    FYI- Apple posted a new article today:


    Setting up iTunes and DVD Player for digital surround sound


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    I am thinking about buying a new mac mini in the next day or so and was wondering if this fix has been confirmed with the intel graphics card as well.

  • Durask Level 1 (0 points)

    Ripped a couple of my own DVDs and BluRays using "proper techniques" - meaning MakeMKV. Played the resulting MKV containing original video and sound and then re-encoded using Handbrake.


    Properly ripped files with lossy DD and DTS soundtracks play just fine bypassing whatever Audio Midi settings you may have. Setting it to 2 channel is fine. You should not bother messing around with them. This is what OSX supports at present time and it works just fine.


    Of note, VLC will play MKV file with lossless audio, extract lossy core and output that. Mplayerx will not do that and will not play any audio unless you also have a separate lossy DD or DTS soundtrack in that file.


    If you have files downloaded from the internet encoded by god knows who and god knows how then YMMV - then you may have to mess around with Audio Midi, etc. Basically you will be trying to do is to make your mac play files it was not intended to, so any solution you may come up with will be a hack and hacks sometimes work and sometimes don't...

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    I've been considering purchasing a Mac Mini instead of the new Apple TV, but this audio out issue could be a dealbreaker. In researching the problem, I stumbled across this product:



    This converter appears to split the audio and video from a single HDMI input, sending the HDMI video image to your screen and the audio (via either an optical cable or RCA cables) to a receiver/amp.

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    Voila!!! Breakthro!!!

    My mac mini (2011) went through a software update today, now running OS X 10.7.3, iTunes 10.6.1 DVD S500.26.4


    After making settings as stated in Apple article (, I can get 5.1 output when running 5.1 channel media through DVD player!


    I am still unable to get 5.1 channel output through iTunes. The "speech bubble" as stated in apple article is missing irrespective of media played thro iTune. 

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    Has anyone tried using a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter (using the Thunderbolt port) for video only to the HDTV, and then the TOSLINK to the receiver for 5.1 audio?  This is what I do with my older computer, which has an actual Mini Display Port.  I don't have access to anything with a Thunderbolt port, so I can't verify that it will work, but they are supposed to be backwards compatible with Mini Display Ports.  On my system, I get a great picture (I have 720p files, and a 720p HDTV), and surround sound.  My Mini Display Port Adapter was about $11 on Amazon (or a similar site).  I have read that if you get a "approved" adapter, it can transmit audio, as well, but I've never seen (or heard) it.  The optical audio cables are so cheap, it's not worth paying more for the adapter.


    I have also set up a system with HDMI passing both audio and video to the HDTV, then running a TOSLINK out of the TV and into the receiver.  It also worked, but as the original poster mentioned, he doesn't have an optical audio output from his TV.


    Hope that helps.

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    I had the problem of all the sound coming out of the left surround speaker. My mac mini is connected to my audio receiver by HDMI.


    I used the Audio Midi setup. Under HDMI, I used the 8 ch - 16 bit setting. I configured the speakers to support the 5.1 speakers that I have.


    I have surround sound again but my audio receiver still doesn't see it as dolby digital.

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    This can not be correct. If VLC can do it (play audio AC3 decoded track from a movie via the toslink  and the picture via the hdmi link), why can't itunes do the same.


    This must be a software fault in iTunes, because the VLC has got the same hardware configuration and is perfectly capable of playing the same movie, that iTunes can't play.


    Bought a cable of 20 euro, a mac-mini to replace my apple tv (also that apple tv played the same movie, via hdmi the picture to the tv and via toslink the audio to the recevier/decoder. Nothing has changed but the mac-mini took the place of the apple tv and the cable was changed from a normal toslink to a toslink with an adapter.


    APPLE ??? PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE updat your iTunes software and make it possible to play at least anything that apple tv can play. And even better. Play any format of audio via the digital out, that can be found in the world. That is so easy, as it is not much more then read the stream and copy it exactly as it is to the digitial out (that is ******* all it is). NOTHING HAS TO BE DONE BY iTUNES. NOlicences are needed for that, as i payed for the decoding license, when i bought my receiver.


    You would almost believe, that apple does this on purpose, to protect their own movies from the iTunes store. If that is the case, I will report this to Neelie Smit Kroes (the european commisioner) for ICT and IT affairs in Europe. This smells like forbidden protection of own contents.


    Do something about it !!!!!

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    I have had this problem and the reason is that the HDMI out of the Mac Mini will not support anything but stereo


    It works fine using TOSCLINK for the audio and a Thunderbolt/DVI coverter and a DVI/HDMI cable for the video.


    Ridiculous but there it is!

  • Swiggen Level 1 (0 points)

    The HDMI out of the Mac Mini will not support anything but stereo


    Multi channel works fine using TOSCLINK for the audio and a Thunderbolt/DVI coverter and a DVI/HDMI cable for the video.


    Ridiculous but there it is!

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    Hi Guys,


    I am a newcommer to this thread and are planning on buying a MacMini.


    Just to be sure I will not spend my money on buying troubles i just want to make sure that the above problem is solved at this moment (OSX 10.8.2)? Or is the only solution buying TOSCLINK for audio (gives 5.1 channels) and a Thunderbolt |to| DVI converter  and then a DVI |to| HDMI cable (to give the HD Video).



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    Hi, I use Mac Mini (late 2011) with Bose Lifestyle V-35 with HDMI connection.

    The 5.1 channel automatically started working after software update on both the above equipment,

    The whole set-up is pretty cool, go for it.

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    Hi MukulBhargava,


    Thanks for your reply!


    So just to confirm, you connected both channels (Audio/Video) via seperate kabels right? HDMI kabel / Tosclink

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    Hi Vortex44,


    I am using only ONE cable connection between MacMini and Audio system - that is HDMI cable.


    Both Video and Audio signal are carried by one single HDMI cable. Toslink cable is NOT used.