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What does exaclty do "EEventManager.app" Apple Firewall is asking me to accept incoming conexions. Should I allow?



MacBook Pro 2.33, Mac OS X (10.5.7), iPod Touch
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    What I found doing some google searches is that EEventManager may have something to do with epson printer software.  Do you have any epson stuff installed?  Is there some reference to EEventManager in you log in items?  If so it sounds like some of that stuff may be wanting to "call home" or at least want an internet connection.


    I do believe that EEventManager is not part of OS X so it must be some 3rd party software you installed.  If it isn't epson stuff then something else.

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    EEventManager is part of the Epson scanner software.  If you have an Epson AIO device, it would have come with the software for the device and therefore could be considered to be part of Epson printer software.  I believe the purpose of EEventManager is to listen for signals coming from the scanner that tell it to launch the scanner software.

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    Good call. The EventManager.app is the culprit. "EEventmanager allow or deny request" warning is run because of the app, it's is in the Epson scanner software package that comes with WF3520 Epson printer.


    If your Firewall is on (which it is by default), this app asks for permission to access network after restarting, even though it is allowed by the Firewall on default  installation (not Apple Signed Software which can be automatically allowed by a checkbox in the Firewall). I don't personally use the features of the internal printer buttons on the scanner settings – the scan to PC, scan to PDF and scan to Email. If you want to keep the software in place but turn off requesting network access on startup, this may help you in avoiding that particular warning. I have had some experience with this software conflicting with my generic scanner software that I use (VueScan) due to this issue. You might want to use caution and test for scanner operation when making changes here.


    Try turning off the Network access at startup... UNCHECK the box show here in Event Manager.app

    Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 4.33.38 AM.png

    The only other option is to delete the software completely if it is not used. And make sure it is gone from your firewall settings. Good luck.

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    Thanks !  I was afraid I had got some sort of virus.

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    Thanks !  I was afraid I had got some sort of virus.

  • jimfromkeyport Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks !  I was afraid I had got some sort of virus.

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    For the record, Disabling Network Scan in Epson's Event Manager appears to prevent access to the printer (at least after reboot).  So it probably prevents that obnoxious dialog, which could be good, but by virtue of disabling the whole shoot'n match.

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    I had the same issue which was solved by going to the Epson site, downloading and installing the most current software, manually. Using Software Update from the Apple OS X menu bar updated my Epson software but didn't help. I then went directly to the Epson site and performed the manual download and update of several software items from my printer.