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  • pb1000 Level 1 Level 1

    Can someone explain how I would do a fresh/clean install of Lion?  Am I going to lose any saved information?  Will everything stay the same?  I run parallels and no longer have my copy of Windows so it's imperative that I not have to re-install other software currently on my Mac Pro.

  • John Whittaker Level 1 Level 1

    Although an erase and reinstall of Lion is fairly easy, personal experience suggests that reinstalling Windows on the partition under Parallels is rather more difficult.  You can restore many things using Migration Assistant on the Time Machine or clone disk, including the Parallels application, but I found Windows and Adobe CS4 required a complete reinstall and update.

  • Michelasso Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Do this...


    - A full back of your Lion disk with SuperDuper! in trial mode or Carbon Copy (CCC) into an external USB disk

    - Check that you can boot from the backup (press "option" after the boot chime) and that everything is on place

    - Download this tool:

    - Run it to make a Lion Installation Disk using a USB Mem stick or a DVD

    - Boot from the new Installation Disk

    - Run Disk Utility

    - Initialize your Lion partition as Mac OS Extended (journaled)

    - Exit Disk Utility and continue with the installation

    - At the end you will be asked to migrate your data from another disk. Have your backup disk connected, accept and migrate everything from it

    - Otherwise you may skip the migration, create a new administrator account with a different username than the one you currently use and run Migration Assistant from your freshly installed OS X Lion.

    - Reboot and login with your usual username.


    Everything should work exactly as it does now, including your Windows virtual machines. Hopefully removing some old caches, files and other things that they may confuse the system.

  • traffordjd Level 1 Level 1

    Some great info in this post, a learning experience for people new to OSX like me, but... what if my page outs are 0 and I STILL get the beachball spinning all the time?

    My machine is a recent iMac, 2.5ghz i5, 4gb of ram, running 10.7.1, only had it about two months. I'm getting the beachball spinning, lag when I type, sometimes it takes ages to boot. I've been keeping an eye on activity monitor today and page outs is always 0, free RAM is always about 1.6GB, idle processer is always above 90%. So it seems like the machine has plenty of free resources but still won't run smoothly. Any ideas?

  • wcarlton Level 1 Level 1

    Getting more RAM has been like getting a new Machine. I put 8 more in for a total of 12 and my machine runs so smooth. I think i spent only about 150 for the 2 chips.

  • traffordjd Level 1 Level 1

    But according to my activity monitor, I'm not even maxing out the 4gb that i've got. I'm not using any programs that are real memory-hogs either.

  • Michelasso Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    traffordjd wrote:


    I'm getting the beachball spinning, lag when I type, sometimes it takes ages to boot. I've been keeping an eye on activity monitor today and page outs is always 0, free RAM is always about 1.6GB, idle processer is always above 90%. So it seems like the machine has plenty of free resources but still won't run smoothly. Any ideas?

    I am afraid beachballing isn't part of this thread. Unless you get it when there is a massive page out, sure. But that doesn't seem to be your case.


    Personally I seldom get any beach ball (case above excluded). If your system came with Lion pre-installed it should just run fine. Unless you migrated applications and accounts from another Mac/disk. If you have any anti-malware installed, do yourself a favor and uninstall it immediately. Usually the beach balls and unresponsiveness are caused by applications that installed some kernel extensions or services that start at boot time. In your case it shouldn't be a memory issue at all.

  • traffordjd Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't migrated anything, the machine came with Lion installed (it was a refurb from the Apple store). I don't have any anti-malware installed.

  • Mysiaq Level 1 Level 1

    I have done everything what i can to minimize ram consumpsion and the only problem i've got at this point is when I run Xcode. I had 4gigs of ram, than bought 8 gigs and always 've got 10-30 MB of free memory after 3-5 minutes of Xcode running. I tried to switch to 32-bit running mode but no change. Can anybody help me please?



  • Mersh Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for this post, John. I've been going crazy lately after installing Lion on my late 2009 Mac mini 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB shortly after it was released. At first it didn't seem like the performance dropoff was that bad but lately it's been basically unusable. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can install any more RAM since I bought it maxed out but I'm going to try a few of your 32-bit tips as well as booting the kernel itself in 32-bit mode.


    Hopefully that frees up the resources I've been lacking b/c my Page Outs were enormous. I have another year on the AppleCare so I'm not looking to buy a new one yet. If this doesn't do much I'll try a fresh install since I did upgrade from SL.

  • hornshwangler Level 1 Level 1

    I think you can upgrade the RAM to 8 gb, try for a matched 2 x 4 kit. I used to have this same mini and have since replaced it with a new i7 mini server w/ 8gb. You may be able to find the same RAM cheaper if you do a search. I only suggest this as it may extend the life of your mini and save you some $$$.


    good luck


  • Mersh Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the suggestion but wouldn't I somehow void my Applecare if I upgrade the memory myself? Found this on the support site: "You can upgrade or replace the memory in your Mac mini (Mid 2010), but memory on other Mac mini models should be installed by an Apple Authorized Service Provider."


    I cherish my Applecare so I'm not sure I wanna take the chance. Besides, if I can limp along until June 2012 then I can use some IRS money to get a new one!

  • Mersh Level 1 Level 1

    Went to reinstall Lion from the recovery partition. Turns out my hard drive is in predictive failure. Just dropped it off @ the Genius Bar. Like I said, I CHERISH my AppleCare.

  • pana_zyde Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everybody,


    I'd like to share my experience and try to get some help if it is the right thread for that:

    I have a mid 2010 17" MBP with 8GB and have upgraded it to Lion from Snow Leopard in July and everything was fine ... until I've upgraded to 10.7.2.

    It's getting me crazy now: it's a race between it using all the RAM and me cleaning it with either Free Memory or a purge automator script. I spend 2/3 of my time in front of the computer monitoring the ram usage and waiting for it to be freed...

    I tried to re-install the system 3 times. It's going well the first days and then the problem starts again. I tried to reboot regularly, but would need to do it several times per hour. I've tried to use a few apps only, for instance Safari only or firefox only, no way to get it better. The available ram goes down to a couple of MB after 20' freezing the mac until I reboot (if I don't use a memory cleaning tool).

    The point is that I'm using (or I try to use) VMware extensively now (was not the case, when I tried to find a solution) and I need the 64-Bit mode for some virtual machines.

    I possibly have done something on my machine that lead to that problem but can't figure out what.

    Anyone who could help?

    Thanks in advance for your support.


  • The Degausser Level 1 Level 1

    Something I've noticed while reading this and other threads is that typical examples of page ins/outs that indicate the need for a RAM upgrade are in the range of hundreds of MB. (Usually page ins are at a GB or two and page outs are a fraction of that.) Looking at mine, for a system that was restarted a couple days ago, I see my page ins at 3.11GB and my page outs at 3.38GB. Is there any special significance for 1) having them both in the GB range and 2) having page outs actually exceed page ins?


    A couple of likely-related observations:

    1 - My 500GB hard drive has only about 30GB free at present. (I'm working on that.)

    2 - According to both Activity Monitor and iStat Pro, my wired+active RAM increases under use until it essentially flat-lines with about 1GB free+inactive. I have 4GB of RAM, but it very rarely makes use of that 4th GB (which it used to do a lot more; it has only started this behavior recently, perhaps around the time I upgraded to Lion).