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I'm having problems exporting to Youtube with Final Cut Pro X. i convert the file and upload, but the audio is not syncing properly. The video is fine. Any tips on what to do? I'm using a Canon 5 D Mark ii. 24fps, 1080


Also does anyone know where the audio setting are on FCPX?



Final Cut Pro X
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    I have been having the same problem, and frankly it is very annoying. The audio stutters and is filled with static. I haven't been able to find a way to fix it. I tried re-uploading and it didn't work.


    Now enough with me.


    I believe the audio settings for the project are only there when you create it; in that dropdown box. However besides that, I am as clueless as you.


    I hope I could give you some helpful info.

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    Exactly the same problem for me. I'm using a Sony NEX5 and a GoPro for most of my videos and exporting to desktop works fine but through Final Cut Pro the audio is normally out by half a second.

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    i came across this post on YT forums - perhaps it is helpful for your issue:



    (am having a differnet issue with youtube, videos appear darker once uploaded...)

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    If you exportred the video to a .m4v (iTunes video)  change the suffix to .mp4. YouTube for some reason really doesn't like the .m4v suffix and it mangles the audio sync all the time.  


    I export a lot of HD Video to YouTube and I find I get the best results from expoting the movie out as a stand alone video to the desktop, opening it up in Quicktime X or 7 and using the save for web function choosing the desktop setting.

    I then change the .m4v to .mp4 and upload that to YouTube.


    If I don't need a stand alone master for back up I use the iTunes option under the share menu in FCP X. The converted video iis put into your iTunes movie folder where you get get it, change the .m4v to .mp4 and upload that.


    Don't forget to delete the video from iTunes unless you want to keep it there are a reference.


    By doing this I end up with great looking video, no audio sync problems, and its much faster than using compressor.

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    This is so annoying. The videos I upload from FinalCut Pro X to Vimeo seem to work fine, remain in sync and though it's slow going sometimes, it's viewable.


    I was wondering what was going on everytime I used Share and selected YouTube export/share from Final Cut Pro X, the audio goes out of sync.


    I see that @aussiearn has interesting suggestion, but unlike Vimeo, YouTube doesn't offer the "replace" video feature, so all the YouTube URLs for some of these videos that are on multiple sites and social network feeds are going to break if I upload a new video...delete the old, cause the sync issue just looks horrible.


    Thanks for the tip!

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    Hi aussiearn


    The process you suggested worked beautifully: images clear and true sound accurate.


    I have over 100 30 to 60-minute videos to put on a client's YouTube channel. Using the YouTube settings in Compressor my first uploads colours were looking washed out, and the audio progressively slipped when played via the Safari browser. Your advice has fixed this issue, so thank you for taking the time to post.


    To clarify what I understood your process to be for others who may wish to use it:

    1. In FCPX choose 'Share' from the menu bar
    2. Select 'Export Media'
    3. In the options presented: 'Export' should be set to 'Video and Audio'; 'Video codec' as H.264; 'Audio file format' will be greyed out but show Quicktime Movie; 'Open with' will show 'QuickTime Player.app (default)'. Click 'Next'.
    4. You'll be presented with 'Save As' options. Name the file and select where you want it to go on your drive(s), and click 'Save'.
    5. Export will begin: my 6.84GB video, which was 45-minutes of 1920 x 1080 at 23.98fps, took about 35 minutes using a Macbook Pro 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i7 with 8 GB of RAM
    6. When the export is complete the video should automatically open in QuickTime.
    7. Within QuickTime go to 'File' on the menu bar and choose 'Export for Web', which is at the bottom of the drop-down menu
    8. You'll be presented with a box that says 'Export versions of your movie optimized for web-delivery to iPhone and the desktop'. Pick what you want to name the file in the 'Export as' and then where you want it to go in 'Where' (obviously enough). You can save in three versions for different contexts, but I chose only to save as 'Broadband', with the best quality as YouTube will automatically create different versions later. Click 'Export'.
    9. An 'Export Progress' box should appear. My file took around 45-minutes to process.
    10. At the end of the process you will find a folder with your chosen name, rather than a file. Click on tha folder, then click on the 'Resources' Folder you will find in side. Amongst other files you'll find a .m4v file with 'broadband' at the end of the name. Rename the file and change the suffix '.m4v' to '.mp4' and upload to YouTube.


    As you said this seems to save a lot of time compared to compressor (perhaps half the time?) The file that began the process at 6.84 GB ended as 1.16 GB, and looks and sounds great.


    Thank you,


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    Does anyone know for sure if this is an issue with YouTube or Apple? I just tried uploading a vid & got the same problem, going to try this workaround now. One other thing, now that there are multiple accounts & you can use YouTube as one of your Google + Pages, is there a way to upload specifically to one page & not to your main account? (I have a personal account, one for our recording studio & one for our band & it would be cool if I could keep 'em all neat & tidy! lol) Thanks in advance for any advice/info!

    Peace - J.