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I have been using an iPhone and iPad to access my work emails via our MS Exchange server for a number of years now with no problems at all.  I recently replaced my home PC with an iMac (first Mac I have owned) but cannot get it to communicate with the exchange server.  I've checked and re-checked the information on the iMac and my iPad - I even deleted the mail account on the iPad and input the details concurrently with setting up on the iMac - but the Mac will not access the exchange server.


I receive the message "The Exchange server "---------------" rejected the password for user "------"  Enter you password again or cancel."  I am using the correct password.  iPad and iPhone are logging on using that password fine.  iMac just ends up repeating this message.


Our IT support at work assure me that there is no reason from their end for it not to work, and reasonably point to it working using the iPhone etc.


I'd be extremely grateful if anyone can provide a solution to this basic, but extremely frustrating, little problem.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), Mail
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    iPhone and iPad use a different way of accessing the server.

    I don't know the exact details, but we are using Zarafa instead of Exchange and have the same problem:

    iPhone and the likes can connect to Zarafas z-push interface, which is some identical interface to the native Exchange interface, while the desktop e-mail application tries to interface with the web front end (via http) of the server.

    These are completely different setups and it depends on the actual installation of the server to get this going.


    So, you will most likely need different access parameters for the desktop - and the web mail feature has to be enabled on the Exchange server.


    In my opinion using the web mail interface is just silly. On the other hand, the native protocol has less features comparedto the web front end, so you are somehow stuck with sins of the past.


    Good luck!

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    Did you ever figure the problem out with MS exchange server and your iMac?  I just bought my wife an iMac (our first) and you explained our problem exactly.  I've worked with her company's IT department and even went to the Apple store to see if they could help.  I'm stuck!  If you were able to figure it out and can lend a hand I greatly appreciate it.

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    Same problem for me.  There are three Exchange accounts I can access via my iPhone and iPad but, on my iMac (running Lion):


    - one won't connect at all,

    - one will connect for receiving, sending and accessing folders but won't let me move messages between folders, and

    - one worked fine until this week and is now very intermittent in connecting at all.


    The latter is, as far as I know, the latest version of Exchange, the first is an old one due for update later this year and I've no idea what version the other one is.


    As I say, all work fine with iPhone and iPad, and via browser (Safari, Firerfox or IE).

  • Taipei101 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. The new iPad and iPod Touch can access my office exchange mails and calendar without any problems. But not a chance with iMac mail app, although you can access your mail by Safari.

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    Just installed latest Mountain Lion update (10.8.4) and all Exchange accounts accessible through Mail. Contacts and Calendar.  The Apple blurb about the latest update mentions fixing an Exchange Calendar issue but not equivalent issues in Mail and Contacts.  However, having read that I thought I'd try to see if it had any effect on mail and the previously errant accounts all work fine.

  • Taipei101 Level 1 Level 1

    I updated to OSX 10.8.4 and added the same exchange server name as iPod Touch and iPad's, but still without any good luck. Did I miss something? Thanks~