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I cleaned off my Startup drive in an attempt to make my Mac run faster. I reduced the amount of fonts and took many files off the startup disk that were created there and put them on other internal drives. I'm using InDesign (CS5 is loaded onto the Startup drive) and am trying to open files that I transfered to the other drive and InDesign will not open them. I tried putting some of the files back on the Startup drive where they were created, but InDesign still won't open them.


Does anyone know the reason this might be happening? Does it sound like an InDesign problem or a Mac issue that I'm not aware of? I've rebuilt permissions 3 or 4 times and ran MacKeeper several times. No change. I'm tryin to keep from reinstalling CS5 unless absolutely necessary. Photoshop opens everything fine, no matter where the files reside. I haven't tried other CS5 apps. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your time.



Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 Quad-Core Intel Xeon, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 16Gb Ram
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    You probably "cleaned" an important file that InDesgn requires. Reinstall it and see if that helps. Get rid of MacKeeper and all the junk apps that "clean" your drive. That is where your problem lies. They have mucked up your system.

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    Thanks, Sig. However, I've reinstalled the whole Suite 3 times now and it still won't open properly. What it does now is the first time I double-click on the document to open it, I get the spinning beach ball forever. So I do an app. escape ForceQuit and then I restart InDesign. Only then will the document open, as the app is opening. It's bizzare. Regarding MacKeeper, I've never had any problems, never. This has something directly to do with moving the files. All the reinstallations didn't do jack (the above mentioned problem was there before I reinstalled). If I moved an important file that InDesign required, it should have reinstalled it. This is mysterious to me.


    Regarding MacKeeper, are you saying I don't need to do anything but repair permissions to keep everything running smooth? That's the only maintanence option I know of, and it doesn't help with speed or hesitancy. Being a designer, I keep a lot of fonts in my fonts folder. So I pulled a lot of them out. I had gigs and gigs of files on my startup drive and was told if I cleaned off my Startup drive that I could expect better speed. Now the speed is excellent, but I have this InDesign problem. Doesn't make sense to me.



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    Now you should post over in the Adobe forums:


    You need to keep your hard drive at 15% free space. Occasionally run Repair Disk from Disk Utility when booted to your OS installer disk. That's all you need do.