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Most of my apps have suddenly stopped working on my 2G Ipod Touch. At first I thought it was just the update glitch with Angry Birds that everyone complained about, but now, all my games except Solitare are crashing when/before they get to the home page. I tried following Apple's help suggestions of deleting and re-installing the apps, but still they don't work. I went looking for solutions, and found that there is a software update(iOS 4.3) available. But when I came on here, I found out that 2G iPods will only update to iOS 4.2(Which I already have). Is there anything I can do to fix this? Are my apps not working because of the outdated software or has there been a massive series of glitches?

The apps that aren't working are:

Angry birds version 1.6.2

Math Ninja version 1.3

Fastlane Lite 1.35

Tap Studio 3 version 3.2.1

Tap Tap Glee version 23975

Skee Ball version 2.5

Fruit ninja 1.7.1

iPod touch, Windows Vista