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I have a macbook pro and an hp officejet j6480 from 12/2008. I upgraded to lion, and now everytime I try to print, both from word and safari, I get the message "printer busy." "idle" The printer prints just fine with 3 windows machines. It is set up wireless and always has been. I've never had issues printing from my mac. I have my ip for the printer set out of the dhcp range to Anyone have any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), iweb 3.0.3
  • lewisfromgilbert Level 1 Level 1

    FYI the printer is communicating with my mac and shows me the ink levels and everything. Just won't print.

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    I had a similar problem today when my trusty HP printer on a wireless Airport network would not print from my MacBook Pro.   I also have an iMac sharing this printer on the network.   It appears that  the iMac had "paused" the printing process during one of its printing jobs.    And the MacBook Pro was respecting this setting and would not print.   It was not until I hit "Resume Printing" on the iMac that the MBP started to print.   I believe that this is new behavior via Lion.   In the old days (last week?), I don't think one computer respected the state of another computer on the network while printing.

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    This is the only printer on my network, and the computers are all directly printing, not printer sharing. I get my macbook pro to print a test page but it won't print anything else. I guess it's a driver problem but it's really frustrating

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    Did you run Software Update after installing Lion. even if you did try running it again now as apparently updates have been made inthe last few days.

    HP printer support updates are delivered through Apple Software Update.

    According to this there have been recent updates to the J6400 Series support.



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    I have the exact same problem with my Canon Pixma IP8500 printer...


    I am only able to print a test page and it won't print anything else.


    Did someone figure out how to fix this? I didn't see any conclusion in this post.

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    I was able to set my printer's ip address to be I found that this takes it out of the rotating address range. Then I set it up as a new printer under ip printing to that ip address. I can't get my scanner to work this way but I never have trouble printing.