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Getting used to the Events library, I need to move some clips between events. I have tried two different methods (see below) which are both a bit tedious and prone to errors and I was hoping that some of you have found a better way?


Method 1: Copy and delete (tedious and insufficient)

I simply drag the files from the "old" events folder to the new one. It now copies the files (which takes time with large HD files) and I then have to delete the old event afterwards. However, if media files are referenced in projects already, this does not work as the links to the "old" clips remain.


Method 2: Merge events function (dangerous!)

I cmd-select two events (e.g. source event library with clips I want to move and target event library where clips are collected) and I choose "File : Merge Events". I then re-use the name of the event where I want all the clips stored (was nervous doing this the first time :-). This method is fast and seems to move the files and existing files stay put in the target event folder. HOWEVER, if there are clips with same file-names in both events it seems that FCPx simply removes them both rather than prompting what it should do or keep one of them. You then end up with both entries in the resulting event library but the actual media files are missing and must be restored from Time Machine (could not find them in trash). So be careful here.


Thanks for your help in advance.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)