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Megan141516 Level 1 Level 1

My iPad keeps crashing:(

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    If it's just the apps that you've downloaded that are crashing then try downloading any free app from the store and then re-try them - the free app can then be deleted


    If it's all apps, including Apple's built-in ones, then close all apps completely and then do a reset : from the home screen (i.e.not with any app 'open' on-screen) double-click the home button to bring up the taskbar, then press and hold any of the apps on the taskbar for a couple of seconds or so until they start shaking, then press the '-' in the top left of each app to close them, and touch any part of the screen above the taskbar so as to stop the shaking and close the taskbar.


    Reset : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • Luckygod Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem on my iPad 3. I tried to download a free app, then every other apps start working. But is there any other way to fix the problem? I don't have a 4G, so how about the time I don't have a wifi nearby? How can I fix it?

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    Yep, I have the same problem with my iphone and ipad ever since the update. Its also having trouble staying connected to a wieless connection and finding some. What the heck. I didnt read all the post or research this yet but does apple know about this and are they doing anything about it?

  • Hdberrio Level 1 Level 1

    Fallow all these steps, it will free up ram memory, worked for me.

    http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/puzzled-by-ipad-crashes-we-show-you-how-to-solve -it-167205

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    I've done all the things everyone has suggested above and my IPad 1 (first generation) keeps crashing to the desk top! It doesn't matter what app I am in at the time it just crashes! I've been told by an Apple Employee that this is typicle and that there isn't much anyone can do! I'm not certain I agree with that answer so that is why I'm here asking the questions again?

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    Have you tried completely restoring your iPad to its factory settings. After my iPad not working for a week, I tried that, and so far its been working.

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    Clear your cookies, cache and history (settings-safari- press clear cache and cookies)

    Close all your opened apps (double tap the home button. Beneath the desk top all your opened apps will appear "wiggling", close them by pressing the X)

    Check the all settings.

    If above suggestions did not help, you might consider rebooting or hard resetting your ipad. Simultaneously press the home button and the on- off side button till the screen gets blank. After a few seconds, reopen your ipad. When i did this last step my problem in crashing got solved. Previously downloaded apps which did not appear on my desk top had appeared too.

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    I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my iPad as well. Safari was bad enough. I can't really do any successful browsing using my iPad because Safari keeps crashing. I also have the amazon app installed and it crashes often. I can't successfully place an order through amazon using my iPad because the app crashes over and over. I also use the Charter TV app and usually take the iPad with me to bed every night so I can watch cable TV on my iPad while I fall asleep. I just took it upstairs like 20 minutes ago and it took me at least 30 minutes to get it to play because it crashed a total of 4 times while I was trying to get it set up so I could finally lay down. Mine is a 16g so I know it's not an issue with the memory and even if it was the rest of the apps installed would be crashing as well. I have a feeling it is due to the browser installed on it. I feel that the fact that maybe these two apps using Safari to operate off of is what may be causing these apps to crash so often. I would install Chrome or Firefox on it but neither are compatible with my iPad generation so I am stuck with either using Safari or having to purchase a browser that won't crash.

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    my ipad is crashing every 2 or 3 mins...ever since I updated it...any one got a solution??

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    Yup, that failed as well.