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Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)

After installing Lion on my new early 2011 MBP the AHT is gone...

Pressing "D" will not load the AHT (it was installed and working fine in my MBP prior to Lion).

I called the APP hotline to inquire about it and the technician couldn't boot into the AHT on all the macs with Lion available to him.

(a report has been filed with the engineering team)


According to the newly updated KB:

QUOTE: "Some Macintosh computers that shipped with OS X Lion support the use of Apple Hardware Test over the Internet."


After pressing and holding the "D" key the Mac just loads into the desktop... There is no online AHT or pre-installed AHT available...


>> Is anybody else having this problem?? <<

If you are having the same problem maybe you should also report it to Apple: or the APP hotline...

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  • redticket Level 1 (5 points)

    I have the same issue with my Late 2008 MBP running on Lion. Holding the "D" button doesn't load the Apple Hardware Test, even when I inserted my installation DVD on my superdrive.

  • Gingerbread Level 2 (165 points)

    Yes, I found this out as well.  Started a thread on it not realising that other people have been having same problems.  I have had my mid-2011 iMac for just over a week with Lion pre-installed.  Am in England by the way.  Have been having a buzzing sound and thought I would check hardware with the AHT.  According to the instruction book you are supposed to be able to access AHT with two methods, neither of which work on my iMac.  Have spent a considerable time on the phone to techs in AppleCare, who didn't really know either!  Was put on to a Supervisor who confirmed AHT was no longer available for iMacs with pre-installed Lion.  I was told I could ring AppleCare any time I have a problem. Great!  Unnecessary expense on phone calls which needn't arise if I had access to AHT.   I don't like the way Apple is going with Lion.  Apple seem to me to be going the same way as Microsoft.

  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)

    So even the DVD is not working ... Mmm... I haven't tried mine yet... the tech said to use the original DVD...

  • kimfromberwyn Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for starting this thread Sonicray, Thankfully I don't have the need for AHT at the moment but your message made me take notice.  I tested my 2 day old 27" iMac, a 3 week old MB Air and finally my original 2008 MB Air.  I don't have a MBP so didn't have the opportunity to try that one to your result.


    Here's what worked on the ones I have:


    On the new iMac which shipped with Lion (OS is on the 256GB SSD but also has a 1TB HD), a reboot would not bring up AHT; it had to be initiated from a power-up.  Tested several times each way.


    The new MB Air (SSD only) that shipped with Lion will bring up AHT from either a reboot or a power-up.


    The original 2008 MB Air (80GB HD) which shipped with OS X 10.5.2 had been wiped clean and SL installed freshly when that came out, then Lion upgrade went on top.  So the original AHT was no longer on that drive and Lion doesn't install a new one either.  Having the SuperDrive attached with the original 10.5.2 Disk 1 would bring up the AHT from a power-up, (but never from a reboot).  Note that if the version of OS X which shipped with a Mac was 10.5.5 or later then the AHT is on Disk 2 instead of 1.


    So AHT came up on each when powering up and holding D, but only the new Air would also work from a reboot.

    Also either Disk 1 or 2 has the AHT, depending on the version that shipped with the Mac.

    Hope this helps someone a little.

  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)

    Alright, I tried the AHT DVD that came with my MBP. It does work!~ (YAY!) ... BUT... that ain't the point...LOL...


    I mean, I travel a lot and the last thing I want to do is carry a bag full of DVDs. I would like to have the AHT put back in the HDD like it originally was set to be...


    Also I noticed that I have an empty 200MB hidden partition in my HDD... I am guessing this was the home of the original AHT before Lion...

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)

    You could always erase the current installation and restore to factory specs as per your Everything Mac booklet. That might restore the AHT volume.

  • flason Level 1 (5 points)

    AHT booted from Snow Leooard Disc 2 (w AHT) and ran on my Mid-2010 iMac i7.  Would not run AHT from inside Lion via internet method by holding D down on start.

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)

    Your machine didn't ship w/Lion so it's not eligible for AHT over the Internet.

  • franciscoArbas rozas de madrid Level 1 (10 points)

    Buenos días:

    Disculpadme que escriba en español (mi inglés no es muy bueno). Yo tenía el mismo problema. Tengo un MacBook Pro 17´ de principios de 2011. Instalé Lion y tampoco funcionaba el AHT.

    Probé insertando el DVD 2 (Aplicaciones), reiniciando  y funcionó, también probé start up y también funcionó.

    Probé a continuación instalar el DVD 2 (las aplicaciones excepto ilife que son las que en principio aparcecen como que están pendiente de instalar: manuales, etc.), reinicié el equpo  y funcionó sim problemas.

  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)

    Gracias Francisco,


    Entonces me dices que si reinstalo el disco 2, el AHT regresa a estar dentro del disco duro? y ya no es necesario tener el DVD en el mac??

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)

    A suggestion. Compose your post in Spanish, then use this translator to convert it to English and post that.

  • franciscoArbas rozas de madrid Level 1 (10 points)

    Correcto, lo he comprobado y funciona perfectamente. Pensando en la secuencia de instalación del Líon y, si Apple ha incorporado esta función en el DVD 2, tiene lógica que no funciona al instalar Lion, tanto mediante instalación limpia como instalación sobre el snow leopard. Apple debería, mediante la aplicación de actualización de software, corregir este problema, puesto que parece de muy fácil solución y de hecho, causa algunos inconvenientes.

    Saludos cordiales,

  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)


  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)




    Just to clarify what Francisco was saying in Spanish:



    > The original AHT that came preinstalled in the MacBook Pro (and maybe all other Macs) is found in disk #2.

    > Originally I thought the AHT had a different partition on the HD but it ends up being an extension of the OS.

    > This is not installed in OS X Lion, If you used the USB key or download it from the App Store, the AHT will not be included.

    > So, to install it back in, you can either run the install from the DVD (just make sure you don't install iLife again and other files which you may not need)




    For Road Warriors

    Since installing the bundled package will also install other Snow Leopard files; You might want to try this:


    > Download Pacifist ( )

    > Drill down the CPUHelpFiles install package and only install the CPU_AHT package.

    By the way, there is no way of undoing this, unless you want to reinstall Lion from the recovery partition.

    > Restart your mac

    > Everything should be A+ ok

    > To test what you just installed restart the mac and hold down the "D" key before the screen turns white/gray. After a few seconds you should see the AHT loading screen:




    Done! there is no need to have that DVD with you when you travel...

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