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  • Ton Haarmans Level 1 (0 points)

    @ Sonicray


    "Also I noticed that I have an empty 200MB hidden partition in my HDD... I am guessing this was the home of the original AHT before Lion..."


    The 200 MB hidden partition is used bij EFI (a sort of Master Boot Record for Apple). In the past I have accidently formatted this partition in Windows and I was not able to boot Mac OS X after that. All Apple files were gone. I had to reinstall Mac OS X completely. So be careful and do not make changes to that 200 MB hidden partition, because the partion table for Mac OS X is located there.


    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)

    I do have the EFI it's 249MB, the other is just 200MB, I removed it already... no worries! (it was just empty...)

    Thanks for the reply!

  • kimfromberwyn Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a little time to revisit this on my original 2008 MB Air that shipped with OS X 10.5.2 and been wiped clean with SL installed then Lion upgrade on top...


    Remember that the original AHT was no longer on this machine.  I simply copied the AHT from the original 10.5.2 Disk 1 to the same location on the Lion installation and AHT it works as it did!!!



    Copy the ".diagnostics" folder from "/System/Library/CoreServices" on your original disk supplied with your machine to the same "/System/Library/CoreServices" location on your Lion installation; and holding the D when booting again accesses the AHT:




    Of course it's easiest if you show your Hidden files first!


    Good luck!

  • leroydouglas Level 6 (16,985 points)

    kimfromberwyn wrote:  AHT





    Brillant  kimfromberwyn  I would give you the green star if I could.




    I Restored from a Time Machine Back-up prior to the Lion install.

    terminal command for hidden files:


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE ;killall Finder



    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE ;killall Finder
  • Globe-trotter Level 1 (20 points)

    Wow!  Excellentkimfromberwyn  2 thumbs up !


    This workaround worked perfectly on my 2011 MBP that came with SL 10.6.6.  I am now able to launch AHT without the DVD.


    I really wonder why Apple doesn't include AHT with Lion or, at least, doesn't give access to it over internet for other types of Mac (like it does for the MBA).

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    Can anyone upload the AHT files to file sharing sites like megaupload or rapidshare? I lost my restore discs for my 2010 MBP and have since upgraded to Lion. Thanks

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,210 points)

    Bad idea, since each AHT is machine build specific. However, a call to Apple (1-800-MY-APPLE) should result in them shipping replacement discs for a nominal S&H charge.

  • Sonicray Level 4 (1,470 points)

    Apparently not many people read the first page so, I am just going to repost this here from the first page (make life easy )





    Just to clarify what Francisco was saying in Spanish:



    > The original AHT that came preinstalled in the MacBook Pro (and maybe all other Macs) is found in disk #2.

    > Originally I thought the AHT had a different partition on the HD but it ends up being an extension of the OS.

    > This is not installed in OS X Lion, If you used the USB key or download it from the App Store, the AHT will not be included.

    > So, to install it back in, you can either run the install from the DVD (just make sure you don't install iLife again and other files which you may not need)




    For Road Warriors

    Since installing the bundled package will also install other Snow Leopard files; You might want to try this:


    > Download Pacifist ( )

    > Drill down the CPUHelpFiles install package and only install theCPU_AHT package.

    By the way, there is no way of undoing this, unless you want to reinstall Lion from the recovery partition.

    > Restart your mac

    > Everything should be A+ ok

    > To test what you just installed restart the mac and hold down the "D" key before the screen turns white/gray. After a few seconds you should see the AHT loading screen:




    Done! there is no need to have that DVD with you when you travel...

  • redticket Level 1 (5 points)

    This procedure works for me! Thanks!

  • Airsculpture Level 4 (1,320 points)

    How did you use Pacifist when it says it isn't compatible with Lion ?


    It just quits on me when I try. Website states it isn't compatible.


    Edit: sorted I was using 2.0 instead of 2.6

  • Thomas Tempelmann Level 1 (45 points)

    Doesn't work for me.

    Have a mid-2011 iMac with Lion pre-installed, no DVDs.

    When I turn it off and then turn on again, immediately holding the D key on my Apple USB kbd, the startup idles for maybe 20-30 seconds before it finally shows the Apple logo and starts up normally.


    So, I guess it's trying to go online and download AHT, but it somehow doesn't succeed in that. My Ethernet connection has a direct cable connection, DHCP configured, and it's also connected via Wifi to another router, with WAP2 and DHCP. Yet, it can't download the code. Weird.


    Very bad idea, Apple, to rely on internet to perform a critical hardware test!

  • leroydouglas Level 6 (16,985 points)

    Not included in Lion,  however



    Apple Hardware Test  can be put back in place from a back-up /TimeMachine/ or SnowLeopard install disk.






    Copy the ".diagnostics" folder from "/System/Library/CoreServices" on your TM or SL disk  to the same "/System/Library/CoreServices" location on your Lion installation.



    Holding the D when booting again accesses the AHT.






    Easier if you show your Hidden files first!



    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE ;killall Finder



    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE ;killall Finder
  • Thomas Tempelmann Level 1 (45 points)

    I don't understand you.

    Why do you repeat something to me that you have already written once above? And it doesn't even apply to my comment since this new Mac has no SL backup and therefore there is no .diagnostics file, either.

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,210 points)

    Nothing to download. You jumped into the middle of a thread that's focusing on restoring the AHT on machines that shipped with, whereas yours isn't one of those, so you should have started your own post and not threadjuacked this one. Criticizing someone for repeating serves no useful purpose. For your problem, follow these steps from the applicable document:


    For some Apple computers that shipped with OS X Lion, if Apple Hardware Test cannot be found on the hard drive, an Internet-based version starts up instead.


    1. Press and hold the D key before the gray startup screen appears. An Internet-enabled connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi is required to use this feature.
      Note: Some Macintosh computers that shipped with OS X Lion support the use of Apple Hardware Test over the Internet. These computers will start up to an Internet-based version of AHT if the hard drive does not contain AHT.
    2. It takes a minute or so for Apple Hardware Test to start up and inspect your hardware configuration. While this is taking place, an icon appears on the screen:
  • Thomas Tempelmann Level 1 (45 points)

    Giving replies to people without trying to even understand what they write isn't helpful, either - it rather comes across as trolling.


    If you read my original comment, you could see that I already explained in every detail that I did what you quoted to me. My message to this thread was meant to say: It doesn't always work!


    And my question why someone replies to me with something that doesn't apply to my question is because his reply says clearly: "In response to <my name>". So, he did apparently try to reply to me, didn't he? That's the whole purpose of threaded commenting, if you haven't noticed.


    And yes, if I wanted to resolve my own issue, I should open my own thread. That wasn't the purpose of my comment here, though.


    I realize now that I should have not responded to leroydouglas' comment, though, because it appears that he did not attempt to reply to me but just used the reply button on the last entry he found. That's confusing indeed, especially if you're not using the threaded but the flat view.

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