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In the next couple of weeks, I may be acquiring a G5 Quad, as described in other threads I started recently.  I was wondering whether cloning my current bootable Tiger 10.4.11 backup volume (FireWire) from my MDD Dual G4 onto the G5's boot drive is even feasible.


I would first:

• write the G5 hard drive to zeros to get rid of its current Leopard install and lock out errors,

• then clone the bootable Tiger 10.4.11 backup volume (FireWire) from my MDD Dual G4 onto it

• and immediately run the Tiger 10.4.11 Combo Updater on it again to —hopefully—gain any G5-specific install elements.



Any chance I can get away with it?    Otherwise I'm looking at installing everything from scratch (about 170 apps in the root Application folder, plus 66 in the Utilities folder), including deactivating and re-activating four or five Adobe point applications not part of a suite. I do have the retail Tiger 10.4.6 discs and could do a fresh install and update it to 10.4.11, then spend a month or longer installing the apps from scratch and permanently disabling Spotblight and Dashboard, etc. 


G5 has two internal HDs now, a 1 TB and a 250 GB.  I plan to use the smaller one as my dedicated Photoshop scratch disk. 16 GB of RAM.



Thanks in advance for any and all input.


Crossing my fingers.


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