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    Yep, well, I have to join the Lion haters too although, I was lucky cos I only installed it on a small Boot Camp partition of Snow Leopard just to try it. Regardless of all the new funky features, some of which I really do like, it is the fact they dumped Front Row that killed my experience. My beloved 24" iMac is my main media center and sitting back flicking through my media collection via remote is one of my favorite uses, but they killed it citing it was unpopular with users? Well, not this one!


    Sorry Apple! I give Lion a big thumbs down and a wide birth.

  • YEEZY Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    This is only the first update! Companies have been getting sloppy with their releases, but they will tend to fix them in the next update.

  • yitmy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm after listening to you all, I think my best bet is to keep running my Tiger OS until the bugs get fixed. I was excited to get a new computer and have Lion in it for I was waiting for this before I got a new machine. Well after listening to you all and hearing the upcoming os5.0 for Ipad. I think I will wait a bit longer and try my luck with that system.

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    Thank you for this tip Peter. I also got a full refund and a polite, apologetic email.


    Apple does have great customer service (at least here in Australia) which is why I have converted over recently.


    I am new to the mac world, and not a very tech-savvy person. I know enough about computers to get by in my job, and to function as a student, but I rely heavily on the advice of others.


    That being said, I didn't think twice about updating to Lion, because I thoroughly enjoyed how easy and great Snow Leopard was to use, and I assumed it could only get better!


    Unfortunately, not only do I have issues with freezing, and having to hard reset my macbook pro (from mid 2010) repeatedly, but I have no idea what steps I need to go back to snow leopard, and I am in the middle of studying for exams and writing assignments at university. Having to reboot your laptop because pages keeps freezing isn't funny after the 6th day of it.


    I have wrote emails and tried calling for help, used these forums and followed peoples tips (such as deleting a folder from the hidden library folder and resetting permissions etc), and it did make my macbook run better for about an hour... But then the issues have started again.


    I'm glad I got my money back. I am upset as I really enjoy a lot of the new features of Lion, and thanks to these features I haven't lost any work yet (even with all the resetting). However, I can't function like this for much longer, as it really ups my blood pressure!!!

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    Sorry to hear you are having so many issues. I am not a techie nor an expert, but I just unwound lion and reinstalled Leopard. For me the key was having a back up, then erasing my hard drive, reinstalling leopard and then migrating my back up.


    You should give apple care a call and see if they will walk you thru the exact steps.  good luck

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    Despite the fact that Ihave pointed out the slowness and the fact that replacing software with 25 years of fixing what was wrong with it and pointing out what was bad about the SMB Protocol and the CIFS or Microsoft network shares, I have to say that if you Isolate the changes to LION on a pure User Interface standpoint it is far superior than anything that preceeded it. I am truly torn by the greatnew features. Yes there are some limitations to the way you can now slide in and out of full screen sessions and their advantages and disadvantages. If you arlooking to stay away from the iPad/iPlhone paradigm then stay away from Lion. If bu chance you are like me and welcome truly better UI implementations (Here I invite the attacks and say poo). The UI for LION which is closer to the iPhone/iPad is absolutely a great upgrade. I just wish that the bonehead move to replace samba hadn't been part of Lion's first release.

  • Alf Megson Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

    I've been searching these discussions and troubleshooting the long list of problems I have with Lion for weeks.


    I'm sick to death of people who have been fortunate to have had a trouble free experience telling all the people who are putting up with slow systems, Wifi dropouts and generally more flaky bugs than a fly pie that we are not normal. That we are alone and nobody else is suffering these problems or that they are unique to our Macs. The discussions are full of comments like that, I know, like I said, I've been wading through looking for answers for weeks.


    And like quite a few on here, I've been a Mac user for a while, since 1984. I have been through just about every OS upgrade since the beginning and the only iteration which compares to this is the release of the original OS X in 2001 (Cheetah - though cats were just codenames back then). That was a fiasco but to Apple's credit, they had an update within three weeks which fixed most of the problems. I remember back then there were the know-it-alls saying that it was a problem with anything other than the sacred Apple wrapped code.


    If it were any other consumer goods, it would be quite simple to return it for a refund, even faulty software - I have obtained refunds for software which has not been compatible. But when you have spent nearly three weeks trying to fix the problem, in between working on one thing or another, despite having a full Time Machine backup of everything, simply reverting back to Snow Leopard is nigh on impossible without losing a lot of personal data. I doubt that Mail 4 will recognise Mail 5's mailboxes, for a start, given the palarva I went through during my Lion installation.


    I've reached the end of the line, as far as troubleshooting is concerned. I haven't had any fresh ideas for a few days and I haven't read any original suggestions on here for weeks - just the same old script which the boyscouts on here paste in threads posted by Windows emigrés who don't know where they are in order to get easy merit points.


    There is an update in the pipeline. I have a link to a developer's preview but I don't hold out much hope that it will fix many of the problems I have - though I have heard that it may address WiFi issues.


    I'm pretty renowned amongst the people I know for being an enthusiastic Mac lover, but times like this I go a bit quiet.

  • Jupeman Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    Have you tried Lion Server?  Far worse than Lion client!  (Also a Mac Uuser since 1984).

  • etresoft Level 7 Level 7 (27,135 points)

    pvcooper wrote:


    I just wish that the bonehead move to replace samba hadn't been part of Lion's first release.

    Would you have prefered it to be in 10.7.1? Apple is not going to change something like that via Software Update. Nor can they wait three years for 10.8. Their Samba was six years old when Snow Leopard was released. It was now or never.


    If you don't like Lion's implementation, get Samba or DAVE.

  • parna Level 2 Level 2 (295 points)

    kndlv wrote


    I am amazed. After 5 years with Apple not only is Lion a failure, apple did not notify me of all of the software that would no longer work once I added Lion,


    Am I am amazed that you expect Apple to contact you to notify you of all the software that would no longer work. Apple never contacts anyone.


    It is up to you to inform yourself of the consequences before you upgrade. It was well known beforehand that ppc apps were no longer supported, and with every major upgrade, there are always some apps that have issues and the developers have not yet got on top of, and some that will not be updated due to their age.


    Don't blame Apple for what is your responsibility to find out.

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    So for 5 years apple has been suggesting that I upgrade my operating system. Each time, I completed the upgrade with no issues. No data loss, no application loss and in each case, the new operating system operated faster with more functionality than prior.


    Now out comes Lion.  I think expecting the same software I have used for 5 years to continue to work is a reasonable expectation.  It would seem that Apple knew they were deleeting Rosetta, and by eliminating it multiple programs would be impacted. I don't want a personal email but how about a notation on the lion upgrade site????


    That is information that should have been shared prior to my upgrade. Not information I should have been forced to search out. I am not a techie, but if you inform me then I can make a quality decision. Instead, i tried to use Lion for a bit, backed up my computer, time capsule, and was then forced to wipe out my hard drive and reinstall leopard, and then back up my data. That is a lot of work I could have avoided with a bit of notice.


    I am still baffled that they are not posting this info for all users.

  • Ziatron Level 4 Level 4 (3,820 points)
    That is information that should have been shared prior to my upgrade.


    That information was widely known and not difficult to find.


    However, having said that, I also switched back from Lion to Snow Leopard.  Happy Now!

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    I have to say that Lion has been a disaster for many. The biggest problem being that almost any app you install that was originally 32-bit does not work very well at all on this new completely 64-bit system. I've had soooo many problems with autocad 2011 that I've been gone back to SL. Stupid me I should have realized that it's never a good idea to load a new OS when it has just been released!! But I'm not blaming myself, because those bums at apple told us all the while that it is a riveting experience, a truly amazing OS! It will blow you away with the over 250 worthless features and horrible compatibilty issues!! I DONT THINK THE HEAD ACHES WERE WORTH IT FOR A EFFING FULL SCREEN BS option!!!!! THe full screen mode ***, why the **** can't you set an app on your normal desktop to be full screen on your external monitor without using a 3rd party app that has "snap" feature.... It's simply ridiculous how ******** these apple designers made LION. I'm ranting and I know it, but for good reason. I think everyone is just fed up with being lied to our faces and being told that it's the best system ever.... Should have followed my gut and waited, but with all the "HYPE" its hard not to... It's my own **** fault for falling for these tricksters!!!!!

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    That is complete BS.  IF the upgrade is going to completely WIPE OUT software, moving it automatically.... and there is absolutely NO PRIOR STATEMENT that the upgrade is going to do that WHEN YOU ARE UPGRADING OR PURCHSING IT... then you ARE responsible for the loss of that software.  NOTHING in the upgrade information, stated anything about this happening.  My Mac is just fine and dandy for an upgrade to Lion... by the posted requirements of processor info, GB info, etc etc found in the 'About this Mac' sections.  But NOWHERE is it even mentioned that it would wipe out the ability to use software of older versions.  Snowleopard ran it all fine... no problems.  No issues.  Now suddenly the software I have... or HAD... is unusable???  And I am supposed to know it will get wiped... when nothing like that is said at all???   And don't play the "Don't blame Apple for what is your responsibility to find out." That's just being completely elitist and delusional.  All the things I read about it... from the Apple Website... made no clear notion this happening to me.  And if it is expected that every single Mac user is to be the uber elitist computer know-it-alls... then the software wouldn't be touted and promoted as the computer and software for simplicity of use and capability to the masses regardless of computer knowledge or capability.


    Can tell you right now.  They WILL fix the issue or pay an even bigger cost than what many have lost or may lose as a result of it.

  • parna Level 2 Level 2 (295 points)



    Granted, Apple could make it more obvious.

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