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Recently alot of folders in my documents have changed Permissions and dont let me put documents in there, then I have changed again and everything went well, but when I restart the computer show this message


/System/Library/Extensions/BJUSBMP.kext is not valid


And my ipad, and my ipodTouch dont load in Itunes when I conect.


I probe the ipad and ipod in another Mac and its load perfect when i conect, and i updated all the software but the problem its still there



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Ty Ford Level 1 Level 1

    I have 5 .kext files that pop up and say the same thing.


    Hey Apple, how about a little help here!









    Ty Ford

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    Ty Ford wrote:


    Hey Apple

    Apple has left the building.

    I have 5 .kext files that pop up and say the same thing.

    It is possible that the respective kernel extensions are 32-bit and you're running a 64-bit kernel. See




    for instructions on how to deal with this.


    IMHO, the better option is to remove them and then update the software which installed them and depends on them. If the respective developer doesn't provide 64-bit kexts, chuck the software and get something different. Bugs and incompatibilities in kernel extensions have the potential of bringing down the OS. Unless I absolutely have no other choice, I do not install any software which requires a kext to operate.