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I have been using a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard ever since getting my Intel iMac 24 back in late 2006.  When I got it, I also continued to use my MS Wireless Lazer 5000 mouse as well.  In mid year 2010 I got a macbook and also a Magic Mouse which I use exclusively with the laptop over using the on-board track pad. 

Recently, I have a need to replace the lazer mouse due to mechanical problems and am wondering what sort of feedback has been coming in regarding the newer Wireless Track Pad and whether or not users still have use for the magic mouse and/or the track pad and vice versa.  I'd buy another magic mouse for the iMac as the one I currently own is set up to be used on the road in my vehicle with the laptop.  In replacing my lazer mouse I just would like to know the feedback regarding the newer track pad.  Thank you in advance!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), 11/2006 24" desktop
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    I've been using the Magic Trackpad since they came out.  They were good in Leopard but amazing in Lion.  I have a couple of Magic Mice but I find that using the trackpad is so much better, the mice sit unused on the back of the desk.


    I highly recommend the trackpad.




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    Trackball user since the mid 80's and when I installed Lion I didn't expect to transition too well to a Magic Trackpad. There has been a learning curve but it's really growing on me. Like captfred I'm pretty sure the trackball is going to find its way to the closet soon.

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    I recently bought a 27" iMac i5 (with Lion preinstalled), with both magic mouse and magic trackpad.  I liked the magic mouse but prefer the magic trackpad.  My husband is using the mouse now and loves it.  I really like the magic trackpad and the way you only have to touch it very lightly to make the various gestures.  I can't see me going back to a mouse anytime soon.

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    Thanks to everyone for their responses.

    Unfortunately, my laser mouse died, and I replaced it with the TrackPad hoping to upgrade without the need for another mouse.  Although I like most features of the trackpad, like for my MacBook, I find the need for a mouse to add to the onboard track pad. 

    Same thing applies for the iMac, the trackpad works for most applications, but I got a wireless mouse again.  So I find that I use both.

    Thanks again to everyone who responded!

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    Due to recurring hand/wrist RSI, I have been using a Contour RollerMouse Pro for a few years.  Ok, so it is somewhat expensive, but it puts all the other Mice and Trackballs that I used previously well and truly in the shade.  It won't be useful to anyone who is sold on finger swiping, but IMHO it's still the best Mouse available.

    Regards to all.