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My iPod Nano 5th generation is stuck in shuffle mode and nothing I do fixes it!  It says that shuffle mode and shake to shuffle mode are set to off but as soon as I go to my music, it says Shuffle at the top of the list and does shuffle all the tracks.  I have tried restoring and resetting and nothing seems to fix this!  Any help???

Windows XP
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    When you select a song or hit the now playing button you are taken to a window with back, forward, and pause/play buttons. Swipe to the left in order to get to the next window and tap on the shuffle icon.

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    5g nano's aren't touch screens but I get what you are describing...if I hit the enter button when a song is playing it gives me the option to have shuffle off, shuffle songs, or shuffle albums.  I have checked this as well and it states shuffle is off but it isn't.  Ever setting on the iPod shows that shuffle is off but as soon as I go to my song list or start playing a song, it's in shuffle.

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    If anyone is still having issues with this, I've figured it out.  I, like most, must've turned this on accidentally and was sure I needed a new iPod until now.


    1) Play a song in whatever playlist on your iPod.


    2) When the song is playing, tap the screen and slide it to the left.  This should reveal the screen to the right.


    3) On this next screen, 3 symbols will appear in the center of the screen, a round "repeat" symbol, a "genius" symbol shaped sort of like a star, and and a "shuffle" symbol that resembles a soft "x". 

    4) Tap on the 3rd "x" symbol to turn off shuffle.