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Okay, So I had xcode. Then I no longer wanted it. So I planned to delete it. I did so by finding the developer folder within my HD, dragging the whole thing to the trash and then emptying it. I later found out that I should have actually run a terminal command to get rid of the whole thing. Anyway, in my attempt to delete Xcode, there are three files that simply will not delete: DTInstrumentsCP, in the folder Library>PrivateFrameworks>DTInstrumentsCP.framework, and DTMessageQueueing, in the folders Library>PrivateFrameworks>DTMessageQueueing.framework. Both of these frameworks say they are still in use, and can not be deleted because of this. Finally, the Instruments app under Developer>Applications will simply not delete, and It says to check the permissions. I did so and they are all fully open.


Minor second question: How do I get my unwanted developer icons off launchpad, as well as another downloading copy of Xcode that can't be deleted because it's in the downloading stage?


Answers/Help would be greatly appreciated.



Xcode, Mac OS X (10.7)